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Home » Catalog » Kids' Furniture » Desks and Hutches

Kids' Desks, Desk Hutches, and Chairs

Desks are a must for kids' bedrooms. Our collections of kids' hardwood desks and desk hutches offer practical solutions for studying but don't skimp on style. The Victorian Chic collection, for example, offers a desk and hutch which provides a delightful look with enchanting bouquet carvings. The routed drawer fronts from the Basics collections are sure to appeal to parents and little ones who prefer simpler style elements. Available in a variety of finish options and styles, these desks and hutches will be as unique as your child is. Pull-out keyboard trays, wire management systems, and ample storage space are just some of the convenient features offered with our collections. The surface tops of these desks are large enough to house PCs, laptops, and printers while the attached drawers keep all of their essential schoolwork organized. Sitting behind a desk makes well-constructed seating a must. The complementing chairs that are comfortable and stylish are ideal solutions for children's bedrooms. If you'd like to see these kids' desks and hutches in person, our furniture store is conveniently located in Lyndhurst, Northern New Jersey, minutes from New York City.


 Desk - Basics Cherry 
Desk - “Basics” Cherry

 Desk Hutch - Basics Cherry 
Desk Hutch - “Basics” Cherry

 Mobile Desk - Basics Cherry 
Mobile Desk - “Basics” Cherry

 Desk Chair - Basics Cherry 
Desk Chair - “Basics” Cherry

 Desk - Basics Chocolate 
Desk - “Basics” Chocolate

 Desk Hutch - Basics Chocolate 
Desk Hutch - “Basics” Chocolate

 Mobile Desk - Basics Chocolate 
Mobile Desk - “Basics” Chocolate

 Desk Chair - Basics Chocolate 
Desk Chair - “Basics” Chocolate

 Desk - Basics Pecan 
Desk - “Basics” Pecan

 Desk Hutch - Basics Pecan 
Desk Hutch - “Basics” Pecan

 Mobile Desk - Basics Pecan 
Mobile Desk - “Basics” Pecan

 Desk Chair - Basics Pecan 
Desk Chair - “Basics” Pecan

 Desk - Basics White 
Desk - “Basics” White

 Desk Hutch - Basics White 
Desk Hutch - “Basics” White

 Mobile Desk - Basics White 
Mobile Desk - “Basics” White

 Desk Chair - Basics White 
Desk Chair - “Basics” White

 Desk - Northern White 
Desk - “Northern” Whitel

 Desk Hutch - Northern White 
Desk Hutch - “Northern” White

 Bow-Back Chair - Northern White 
Bow-Back Chair - “Northern” White

 Desk - Victorian Chic 
Desk - “Victorian Chic”

 Vanity - Expressions 
Vanity - “Expressions”

 Desk Hutch - Victorian Chic 
Desk Hutch - “Victorian Chic”

 Upholstered Chair - Victorian Chic 
Upholstered Chair - “Victorian Chic”













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