How to Fix Misaligned Drawers

Have you ever pulled on the handle of a drawer to open it and it was very difficult to open it, but only after you repetitively tugged it? Drawers, like those from dressers, are made to smoothly open and close. And when they don’t, it’s enough to make you start getting nervous.

Over time the rails from the drawers can become loose and drawer parts can become misaligned. Your dresser drawer, for example, might become very difficult to open and close. It happens. Restoring misaligned drawers to like-new performance is well within your abilities. The following are detailed instructions to easily fix misaligned drawers with side mounted guides that don’t open or shut properly.

Misaligned Drawer

As you can see the second drawer from the top is misaligned. Not only does this drawer look out of place, but it most likely doesn’t open or close correctly as a result of the misalignment.

Drawer Pulled Out

Step 1: Remove the offending drawer by pulling it out and look for the inner guides on the left and right side.

Removed Drawer Guide Screw

Step 2: The screws are most likely Phillips-head and use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screw from the front of the offending drawer guide using a counterclockwise motion.

Adjust Drawer Guide Height

Step 3: After you have removed the screw, adjust the height of the offending drawer guide but this time place the screw in the oval hole of the guide. Screw it back in by using a clockwise motion but don’t use the same hole when you removed the screw.

Step 4: Close and open the drawer and notice if this solved the problem. If the drawer is still misaligned, loosen and remove the screw and readjust the height of the guide once again. Repeat until you get the perfect drawer alignment. That’s it. You’re finished. Enjoy your correctly aligned drawer.