Just Another Room Divider or More?

Stack Room Divider in Wenge

Your home is your living space. Just like your lifestyle, it changes and evolves into more. The exact category in which this piece of furniture falls in is fuzzy but a clear picture can emerge. What is it exactly? This one simple piece of furniture can be used as a standalone piece like a TV bench but you don’t have to stop there. The “Stack” shown above is much more than it seems. The overall measurements of this 1 one single unit is 63″W x 17″D x 27″H but it can morph into something much larger and wider. It’s also very affordable, which is important to most consumers in this sliding economy.

2 Stack Room Dividers in Wenge

Add one more Stack and you have a larger room divider, TV stand, or shelving. Words such as boring or bland are definitely not part of the vernacular when describing the Stack. Room dividers will never be the same!

3 Stack Room Dividers in Wenge

Here are 3 Stacks that interact seamlessly with one another. It’s like creating your very own furniture. Place your newly purchased LCD TV right on top of it. You can show off your flat panel TV and you don’t have to have your living space look impersonal. Place your audio-visual electronics inside the shelves knowing that the infrared sensors won’t be blocked by any doors.

Scattered Stack Room Dividers in Wenge

Would you prefer to shuffle them around the room? No problem. Play dominoes with it. Call it LEGO furniture. Flip it. Flop it. Move it around any way you want. Its clean lines and the dark wenge finish create a unique contemporary look. Use them as a bookshelf and place books on them.

Stack Entertainment in Wenge

Pile them around to create an entertainment center while at the same time having a shelving system that’s on steroids. The Stack forms customized storage needs for any space and every function. Let your imagination fly!