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For more than 75 yeas Serta® Perfect Sleeper® has been Serta’s best selling mattress. Every Perfect Sleeper offers advanced comfort and support features so you can get that comfortable and restful night’s sleep. It’s no wonder Serta Perfect Sleeper is a Consumers Digest Best Buy! Here are some features exclusive to Perfect Sleeper models:

Advanced Comfort Quilt
Advanced Comfort Quilt™
The Advanced Comfort Quilt is a patented quilt layer exclusive to Serta. It’s a rich layer of rolling peaks of convoluted foam or “egg crate” quilted to fluffy fibers that come together to gently cushion each part of your body. This combination of fluffy fibers and convoluted foam disperses weight evenly and as a result helps to improve circulation in the hips, arms, and shoulders. The improved circulation in these body parts reduces tossing and turning, which can interrupt your sleep, so that you can get a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. It’s the industry’s greatest comfort story, and it’s exclusive to Serta!

Continuous Support Innerspring
Continuous Support Innerspring®
The human body has curves from head to toe with certain areas that need proper support as you sleep. The Continuous Supports Innerspring from Serta contours to the body offering the proper and balanced support for the whole body. Rows of continuous wire coils made from steel are placed from head to toe, offering support throughout the entire length of the body. Rather than forcing the body to conform to the mattress itself, this coil construction offers balanced support to the body. As a result, natural spinal alignment is maintained all through the night reducing motion transfer from one sleeper to another.

Total Edge Foam Encasement
Total Edge® Foam Encasement
The conjunction of advanced, dovetail-interlocking foam encasement with a border rod provides outstanding edge support. The increased edge support creates a wider surface for more room to stretch as well as better seating edge support. In addition, the sleeping surface is widened up to the edge, eliminating the possible edge “roll off.” The combination of foam encasement along with the foundation reduces side-to-side motion and lessens the impact of one sleeper’s movements to another. This foam encasement offers years of strong edge support.

StabL-Base Double Beam Foundation
StabL-Base® Double Beam Foundation
The double beam foundation offers constant support across the bottom of the mattress and long-lasting durability to the complete mattress set. The one-of-a-kind V-shaped construction of this foundation unit isolates the impact of one sleeper’s movements to another, so you can get a restful night’s sleep. This V-shaped design considerably decreases mattress sway while the foundation and dovetail-interlocking foam encasement offers stable support from the edges, thus reducing side sway.