Serta Fireblocker

Serta was The First to Introduce an Open-Flame Mattress Resistance System


Serta Fireblocker


Which mattress company was the first to introduce an advanced open-flame resistance system that met and exceeded all open-flame criteria into every mattress and box spring that they produce? Why Serta, of course. Now, flame retardant technology is mandatory for all mattress brands, but Serta was the first.

Each year, thousands of residential fires take place in the United States, many of which begin in the bedroom. Nearly 600 lives are lost and 1,300 are injured per year because of fires that start in bedrooms according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Mattresses without any flame retardant technology create considerable safety risks due to their flammability when exposed to open flames such as candles, lighters, or any other smoking materials. A mattress without fire-retardant technology will go up in flames in minutes, which leaves little time to escape.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has tackled this issue by enforcing the Mattress Open Flame Standard under the authority of the Flammable Fabrics Act, otherwise known as 16 CFR 1633. This federal regulation act went into effect on July 1, 2007 and requires new flammability standards on every single mattress and box spring made in the Unites States as well as imported to the United States. To the consumer, this means that every mattress and box spring that catches fire will have the flame retardant technology to slow down the spread of flame. As a result, people will have enough time to escape the bedroom fire. Many live will be saved.

Serta introduced their FireBlocker® system in January 2005 in all of their mattresses including Sertapedic and Perfect Sleeper models. Serta was the first to do so, 2 years before it became mandatory. FireBlocker is a fire barrier system located among the outer layers of the mattress and made from a precise blend of natural and synthetic materials. FireBlocker contains no harmful chemicals. The FireBlocker fire barrier system does not change the premium quality of Serta mattresses that consumers are familiar with either.

Since January 2005 every Perfect Day, Perfect Sleeper, and Sertapedic mattresses feature the life saving FireBlocker system.

“We are pleased that the Consumer Product Safety Commission continues to support high industry standards by enforcing the new open-flame regulations,” said Kelly Rampson, Serta’s Director of Marketing, three years ago. “Serta has long recognized the importance of open-flame bedroom safety which is why we initiated our FireBlocker system over two years ago.”

So next time, when you decide to change your Serta mattresses from FOW Furniture, change to a new box spring as well, especially if they were made before Serta’s FireBlocker technology in January of 2005. Also, keep in mind that Serta Mattress Company was the first to introduce a fire-retardant technology before it became mandatory. Shop our collections of Serta mattresses now!