Once Again, Serta Triumphs

SertaSerta Sheep

Serta has been at the number 3 spot for a while under Sealy and Simmons. Today, however, things are changing. Currently, Serta is number 2. Simmons has held that spot for a few decades. Last year, Serta sold $915 million in wholesale, while Sealy sold $977 million. As a result of innovative branded lines like the Dare to Compare line of limited edition Perfect Sleeper mattresses and the Perfect Day premium mattresses designed to deliver the rejuvenating sleep you need every night, Serta is growing dramatically. In fact, Serta was the first mattress company to introduce an advanced open-flame resistance system in every Serta mattress before CPSC enforced the Mattress Open Flame Standard under the authority of the Flammable Fabrics Act. Innovative features like Cool Nature Comfort Quilt Plus with Ultra Fresh technology which absorbs and releases heat as needed so that the mattress surface remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the night have helped Serta move up. There are no signs of slowing down for Serta and it is close to that elusive number 1 spot.