Where Can I Find Mid-Century Modern Sofas in New Jersey and New York?

There seems to be a void of furniture stores in the New York and New Jersey area which carry Mid-Century modern furniture. Customization is usually not offered in the typical big box store so if you’d like to have a choice of upholstery they are not the place to go to. And I’m not talking about the original pieces but rather brand new furniture which borrows the delectable design elements from the Mid-Century period but is reinterpreted for the present time. Sofas, in particular, with flair from this particular design period are in high demand and for perfectly good reasons.


Do You Prefer Sculptural Forms and Sleek Looks?


Simpson Sofa


Replay Sofa


Sumptuous yet playful curves and smooth proportions of the Replay collection provide an artful place to sit and relax after a long day at work. Many of our Mid-Century modern sofas offer bold proportions and are a work of art that you put in your living room. The Simpson sofa, for example, which we carry, is an exotic departure from everyday design with its bench seating and angled, tapered wood legs.


Is Tufting Your Preferred Characteristic?


Reverie Tufted Sofa


Solo Tufted Sofa


Do you want your living room area to have a period touch, especially Mid-Century influences? Tufting details reflect the grace and beauty of this time period and offer that dimpled effect which many desire. As a sofa or an accent chair, our living room collections are made shapelier with graceful tufting and it adds classic lines to more modern furniture. Tufting can take a plain fabric to new heights and as far as design it is classic, yet modern. It is design traits such as these that bring stylish comfort to even the smallest of spaces. The Byrd sofa, for example, features a few button tufted details on the seat back while the Reverie sofa takes button tufting to a whole new level by applying them not only to the backs but seats as well.


What about Bench Seating?


Byrd Sofa


Lola Sofa


If you’re not familiar with the term, it means that a sofa is designed with a single seat cushion that is continuous. It’s a clean look only too familiar with the design era of the 1950s and 1960s sofas. Regular sofas, on the other hand, will have separate seat cushions and there are usually 3 of them. A tight bench seat is a classic, retro look that is a time-honored design element but beautifully re-imagined for today and we have a few sofas that feature this look.


Apartment-Sized Sofas for Those Smaller Spaces


Salema Apartment Sofa


Replay Apartment Sofa


What do you do when regular sized sofas simply won’t fit into your space-challenged oasis which you call home? What if a loveseat is just too small for that space? I’m sure you’ve seen clever answers for making a miniature floor plan work but the challenge has been actually to stumble upon furniture to fit this space. This is true especially with those larger sofas that are too often designed to fit larger houses. There is a solution. It’s called an apartment sofa.

Quite a few manufacturers have gotten the hint and as a result made somewhat of a niche for themselves by offering home furnishings, such as these apartment-seized sofas, that are specifically designed for the smaller of living spaces. And no, these are not futon sized either. Smaller than a typical sofa and larger than a loveseat, these Mid-Century modern apartment sofas are stylish pieces of furniture that have the same features as their larger kin but they have the right proportions for smaller apartments. We’ve got more than a few of these as seating options.


What about Fabric Choices?


Salema Fabric Sofa


Pekoe Fabric Sofa


With our custom upholstery options, we can help you tailor your ideas to your own home. Select sofas can be ordered in 300+ custom fabrics. From chenilles and prints to microfibers, we have them all. Improvements in design, color, and texture have lead to stylish new performance fabrics that function beautifully for everyday use. If you have kids and/or pets, it’s not a problem. They can withstand the rigors of everyday use. When upholstered in fabric, as opposed to leather, these sofas are a simple, affordable way to bring rich color, texture, and dimension to any decor immediately.


What about Leather Choices?


Reverie Leather Sofa


Stella Leather Sofa


Just about every sofa that we carry in fabric can be upholstered in custom leathers as well. Most are offered in over 50 leathers and select few have over 100 leather options. Our luxuriantly dyed and skillfully sewn leathers on top of hardwood frames offer an additional measure of character to the sofas’ curvaceous forms. Just like with fabrics, our leather color wheel palette is available from cheerful greens to pumpkin oranges and yes, we even have earth tones to satisfy those that prefer the neutral route.


Are They Affordable?

They sure are. Today’s furniture shoppers, whether they are on the lower or even higher rungs of the economic ladder, are all trying to get through this tough economic turmoil. We are all being affected one way or the other. The good news is the affordability of these sofas. In fabric, the Stella sofa start at $789 and in 100% genuine leather, it starts at $1,369. If you prefer to finance for 12 months with no interest, it can be done.


Where Can I Buy These?

If you live in the New Jersey or New York City area and would like to see them in person, you can visit FOW in Moonachie, New Jersey in person. It’s just minutes from Manhattan. Or if you’d like to check them out in online and see all the available custom upholstery options in person, go to this page and enjoy all the unique styles we offer.

Now is the ideal time to give your home a fresh, updated look, and there is no quicker, more cost-effective way to achieve the look that you want than with one of these couches.