Le Corbusier Sofa – A Leather Sofa with Comfort and Simplicity Combined

Le Corbusier Modern Sofa

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, who changed his name to Le Corbusier, was a Swiss architect and designer who came to live in France. He was always attracted to visual arts and was one of the most significant architects on the 20th century. He also started experimenting with furniture in the late 1920s. He was one of the pioneers in modern architecture and laid the groundwork for what became known as the Bauhaus Movement.

To create a style that excites the imagination, you’ve got to throw out the rule books and assume a certain degree of risk. That’s exactly what Le Corbusier did when he injected a little originality into a sofa that was sound but aesthetically unexceptional. The Le Corbusier sofa and chair are both timeless designs that make a statement using an external stainless steel frame to spark the imagination. These products reinforce the notion that design has finally caught up with our imagination: Things that looked “futuristic” in the 1920s are very much still a part of everyday life in the here and now. The black leather and stainless steel tubes combine in a collection of retro modern sofas that reflects the architect and designer’s eye for fluid line and minimal ornamentation. The pieces suggest a sense of comfort and equilibrium – and that makes for one inviting world.