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EQ3 Sofas

Shopping for perfect sofas may be an act of exasperation – a consumer searches for the sofa with a specific leg design, the right arm type, width, depth, comfort, and upholstery option. For the lucky consumer who spots their prize right away, he or she is drawn to it as though struck by cupid’s arrow. Because EQ3 insists on modern sofas at an affordable price it is bypassing the rest of the furniture industry and blazing a new trail of its own. In a time where relaxation is hard to come by, a tranquil feeling – such as the one these sofas can provide – can be an enjoyable fixation. Upholstery choices, combined with modern design at an affordable price, create an in-home sanctuary with EQ3 modern sofas. EQ3 creates their collections of sofas according to its own vision of style rather than following the rules. Value is important and this creates challenges to every step of the design process. What results in the end are sofas designed down to the absolute essentials and a harmony and efficiency of design, materials, manufacturing, and function. Modern design may have layers of complexity, but the aesthetic result is always appealing, comfortable, and simple in its clean lines. Consumers can also find comfort in upholstery colors that are familiar, yet at the same time, they can embrace colors that make them happy with the sofas. Since color is frequently the deciding factor in whether a shopper buys a sofa, the vast upholstery choices from fabrics to leathers are quick ways to attract consumers’ interests and keep them. Top it all off with a small detail to tie it all together with the leg options and finishes. The possibilities are endless.



EQ3 Byrd Sofa

Byrd Sofa

Nothing says Mid-Century modern quite like the Byrd sofa. In keeping with design period which is so in demand today, the designers found innovative ways to introduce Mid-Century modern elements into the Byrd collection. The long, slender legs, vintage-inspired arms, and the button-tufted seatbacks all come together to create this sofa which is sure to freshen up interiors with creative homage to a very unique design period.



EQ3 Simpson Sofa

Simpson Sofa

The retro-inspired movement is nearing its tipping point, gaining converts at a seemingly exponential rate and is perfectly showcased with the Simpson sofa. The bench seat of this retro sofa is a darling of designers in home furnishings and fashion, and for a good reason. Whether upholstered in leather or fabric, it transforms into something truly special. The design is elegant, sleek, and minimalistic.



EQ3 Replay Sofa

Replay Sofa

Many manufacturers don’t venture into an untapped quadrant of retro-designed sofas, but not EQ3. Those looking for a retro-designed sofa with deep seating, can make a beeline to the Replay sofa. The simple, sexy curves will have a way to make one smile. For many modern furniture consumers, retro-inspired sofas like the Replay are the new modern sofas, and rightly so. The Replay can work in just about every setting and looks amazing with just about any fabric color palette offered. The optional chrome metal sled base legs offer an upbeat alternative of wood legs.



EQ3 Lola Sofa

Lola Sofa

In addition to the classic elegance with modern proportions of the Lola sofa, upholstery like leather, for example, is one of the easiest ways to inject a note of sophistication, excitement, and whimsy into a room. There is nothing quite like leather to lift to a predictable room setting. The proportions are modern without being minimalist. Add the optional chrome legs and you’re all set.



EQ3 Salema Sofa

Salema Sofa

While the rest of the line seems to be gravitating toward sleeker, more modern sofas, there are those who still prefer a more casual look. So, kick off your shoes and settle into pure bliss with the Salema sofa. It features timeless design and comfort. Though the Salema sofa has a broad crossover appeal, it is especially well poised to appeal to those households that have comfort in mind. Depending on the upholstery choice, the Salema can be dressed up or down for a sophisticated or more casual look.



EQ3 Stella Sofa

Stella Sofa

In larger living rooms, people view the sofas as jewelry that makes a style statement, but with so many people moving into smaller apartments, there is a new focus on that room. The Stella sofa solves this problem as well as addresses the simple, yet elegant design which consumers can connect with. The Stella sofa is perfect for smaller places. Even though sofas are being repurposed to meet consumers’ needs and perform in tandem with other furniture in a living room, one design constant remains: how the sofa interacts with surrounding furniture. The Stella sofa solves that problem with it’s simple design.



EQ3 Tavern Sofa

Tavern Sofa

The Tavern sofa offers classic comfort and elegance. The choice of upholstery will give it its “personality” and value. Given the diversity of fabric and leather choices, there’s an ideal choice for any shopper’s tastes. In fact, this company earns marks for offering a variety of upholstery choices. The generous proportions of the Tavern sofa provide a place to rest and relax.



EQ3 Solo Sofa

Solo Sofa

Every generation borrows form the ones before. EQ3 is especially idiosyncratic in what it pinches from the past. They want furniture with obvious references to the Mid-Century modern, yet the end product must look nothing that’s been seen before. The simple, architectural lines and the tufted seat backs of the Solo sofa illustrate a blending of past and present to create a new modern.



EQ3 Hugo Sofa

Hugo Sofa

Clothed in leather as the upholstery choice complemented with satin nickel leg option, the Hugo sofa is the perfect living room solution for contemporary dwellings with open areas. The straightforward design with wider arms makes small areas look more open and spacious, while the metal leg finish complements today’s popular metal occasional tables.



EQ3 Leo Sofa

Leo Sofa

The Leo sofa dares to be different, in its shape, crisp tailoring with causal appeal, and comfort. The Leo sofa offers a fresh take on the sofa concept by using generous deep seating and loose back cushions. Aspiring consumers won’t be able to keep their eyes and hands off of sumptuously textured fabrics which can be adorned on this sofa. Still, leather that’s embossed to create the texture and visual effect can transform this sofa into a spectacular piece of furniture.



EQ3 Jenna Sofa

Jenna Sofa

Talk about grand-scale proportions! Clean lines and low profile result in high-style seating of the Jenna sofa. The low-profile with enhanced comfort commands paparazzi-like attention. The Jenna sofa showcasing luxurious, extra cushioned seating and full wooden leg base option is poised to enrich consumers’ urban interiors. Exotic fabric tones on the Jenna sofa can heat up interiors with bold colors that are pleasing to the eye.

These sofas are perfect for today’s laid-back lifestyles. EQ3 responds to an increased demand for modern sofa styles that are both easy on the eye and often easy on the budget. When one sees EQ3 contemporary sofas the question of what ever happened to imagination never springs up. In a home furnishings industry which seems to be stuck in second gear there is a pent up demand out there for customization and uniqueness. If you walk into a typical contemporary store, you will not see sofas in a sea of browns, but a myriad of colors, styles, and textures. The magnificent colors and variety of styles that we know are all around us in the beauties of nature and great works of art is what these sofas are all about. Of course, brown is still offered. But if you’re looking to break out from the norm there just may be a perfect sofa waiting to be tapped.