Affordable Mid-Century Modern Sofas in Custom Fabrics and Leathers

Growing gasoline prices and as a result pricier airline tickets are forcing many to reassess their lifestyle including their vacation plans this summer. Therefore, quite a few plan to check out their neighboring states, while others plan to take “staycations”. The troubling economy is forcing even furniture shoppers – even those with impeccable mortgages and steady incomes – to cut back on spending. Energy inflation and food price increases means consumers have less money to spend, even on furniture. Basically, all shoppers are cutting back in many categories and any affordable product line is more than welcome in this economic climate.

With the country’s current economic turmoil is there a way to not only offer value-driven Mid-Century modern sofas but also customization which many retailers have abandoned? There sure is. Not only do we deliver a wide variety of products at reasonable prices but we also offer a custom order component that’s second to none.

Most people are passionate about their homes and their furnishings therein. A sofa, for example, makes a distinctive statement about its owner’s preferences and life choices. Our retro-inspired Mid-Century modern sofas are designed to customers’ specifications. It is precisely because of our emphasis on Mid-Century style as well as our custom-oriented options that these Mid-Century modern sofas are chosen time and time again by consumers. There are a myriad of choices from fabric to leathers and leg finishes. Custom fabric purchasers can make a beeline to simple, cheerful, and modern textured fabrics. Custom, sumptuous leathers result in modern looks with a classic flavor. After all, who wants to live in a cookie cutter world.



EQ3 Byrd Sofa

Byrd Sofa

$1,299 in fabric
$1,899 in leather

The Byrd sofa exudes Mid-Century modern design. The pronounced, tufted back and bench seat give the Byrd a classic, yet modern, look. The slender, long legs provide a look that works well with other Mid-Century furnishings, or creatively integrated with more modern-styled products. Whether upholstered in neutral fabrics or strong bold colored leathers, Mid-Century modern sofas such as this one are guaranteed to work in any room setting. There is also a matching loveseat, chair, and an ottoman in this collection.



EQ3 Solo Sofa

Solo Sofa

$999 in fabric
$1,399 in leather

The architectural lines and tufted backs of the Solo sofa not only make use of classic roots, but they also create a distinctive piece of upholstered furniture that offers a Mid-Century appeal. In addition to our flexibility of offering custom fabric and leather choices, the leg finish options of the Solo sofa are one of the easiest ways to inject a note of excitement and flight of the imagination into a room. There is nothing quite like the chrome leg finish to lift a predictable room setting and kick up the chic quotient some notches with this Mid-Century sofa. The Solo collection has modular pieces which you can combine to make your very own sectional.



EQ3 Lola Sofa

Lola Sofa

$1,099 in fabric

Say goodbye to basic sofas. Those looking for sleek, modern proportions with deep seating and on-trend designs will find the Lola sofa appealing. The loose back cushions up the comfort quotient of the Lola sofa. Over 100 fabric and leather options allow you to make your own decision that is customized for you, by you. Also the leg options of Mid-Century modern sofas such as this one offesr a broad crossover appeal. There are other pieces to this collection such as a loveseat, chair, ottoman, and modular pieces to make a sectional.



EQ3 Stella Sofa

Stella Sofa

$799 in fabric
$1,299 in leather

The Stella sofa has an elegant simplicity that disguises tremendous strength just like most Mid-Century modern sofas do. The straight lines combined with the European minimalist influence give you a perfect place to sit back and relax. It is perfect for smaller places. Sleek fabric and leather options are popular design options among urban dwellers. The loveseat, chair and easy-to-move storage ottoman of this collection enables hosts to entertain guests in style and comfort.


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