Do King Size Sofa Beds Exist? With Storage?

When you have overnight visitors it’s either the hotel or the pull-out sofa bed for them – that is, if you have one. We’re all pretty much familiar with a typical sofa bed. You remove the seat pillows and pull out that foldable bed which features a thin mattress so that just for good measure you can feel the springs and the bars supporting it. They tend to break your back, so to speak. Most are very comfortable to sit on but not so much to sleep on.

And most are limited to sizes. The smallest size, twin, is reserved for chair-and-a-halves that fold out. Most of these foldable sofa beds are available in full or queen, but there aren’t many out there as a king size sleepers… until now.


Sectional in Sitting Position

Seems Like an Ordinary Sectional, No?

The chaise lounge on one side of this sectional is perfect for lounging. The sectional looks great with its clean, contemporary lines but there is much more to it than meets the eye. It gets an energetic surge from the truffle microfiber fabric, creating an unequalled allure. It is so stylish that your guests won’t ever know it has hidden features. The seats and the seat backs feature steel innerspring coils with wrapped foam fill. Think of it as sitting on an actual innerspring mattress.


Sectional in Sitting Position Reversed

Chaise Can Be Reversed

This sectional combines the comfort and versatility you expect from furniture with unusual style. The chaise can be reversed by simply unscrewing the hardware from the arms and the chaise from the loveseat part of the sectional and then screwing it all back again with the chaise in the reverse position. It’s quite simple to do actually.


Sectional in Storage Position

Hidden Storage Space Revealed

The chaise as well as the loveseat part boast ample interior storage underneath them. Simply lift either of the parts up via the click-clack mechanism and voila. The sectional features plenty of storage space for sheets, pillows, blankets, or anything else you want to store. For those who are a bit space-challenged every inch of extra storage space counts. Storage is just the tip of the iceberg though…


Sectional in Sleeping Position

Sleeping Space Revealed

Lift it up a bit more via the click-clack mechanism and it turns into a sleeper. The click-clack mechanism and fitting parts are galvanized and corrosion and rust resistant. Think of this piece of ingenious furniture as an innerspring mattress, but an innerspring mattress that folds in half to become a sleeper so you or your guests get a good night’s sleep.


Sectional in Sleeping Position

What to Do with That Empty Space?

The wasted space underneath this sectional is made usable as storage space but what about the space between the chaise and loveseat of this sectional as shown by the arrow pointing to it? That’s quite a bit of space that can be used for additional sleeping area and this is where the ottoman comes in.



Multifunctional Ottoman

Just like on the sectional, the striking, bold stitching simulates a tufted appearance on it and it makes a handsome addition to any area of your home. It has the same innerspring construction as the sectional but it doesn’t offer any storage. The sectional takes care of the storage needs. However, there is a perfect place for this ottoman to slide into. Remember that empty space between the chaise and the loveseat of the sectional?


Sectional with Ottoman

Almost King Size Sleeper with Ottoman

Slide the ottoman into that empty space and you have an almost king size sleeping area. A standard king size mattress measures 76″ x 80″. The sleeping space of this sectional with the ottoman next to it is 88″ x 67″. It’s a bit narrower but a bit longer than a standard king size mattress.


Two Tone Sectional

Two-Tone Option

Don’t like the truffle fabric? There is a two-tone dark beige microfiber option as well which brings out the handsome ruggedness of this sectional. The two-tone simply enhances the frame’s appeal.

Where Can I Buy One?

Perfect for living rooms, basements, or just about anywhere where extra storage and sleep space are needed, these sofa beds offer a ton of personality as well as convenient features. You can’t go wrong with one piece of furniture that offers it all: sitting, storing, and sleeping. Check out this sleeper sectional here and more like it.