Click-Clack Sofa Beds: Best Night’s Sleep for Your Guests

We’ve all been through the dilemma of trying to find space for our guests to sleep. Not everyone lives in a mansion with tons of space and many are downsizing their lives to clear the clutter. Rather than install a Murphy bed in the wall or pay for an uncomfortable folding guest bed, why not use a click-clack sofa bed with storage?

First, we’ll discuss typical sofas.

The History of the Sofa

The most practical piece of furniture you can own is a sofa. It’s a living room staple that has many functions, from theater seating to the ‘dog house’ (husbands, you know what women mean). No home is complete without a sofa. There’s just something about it that brings the room together.


Salema Sofa


As far as styles go, a typical sofa is offered in contemporary, traditional, Mid-Century modern, and the middle ground, transitional style. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be custom ordered in numerous choices of fabrics and leathers.

Difference Between a Sofa and a Couch

Sofas made their first distinct appearance in the days of Lord Phillip Stanhope, more commonly known as Lord Chesterfield. Does that name ring a bell? It should! The Chesterfield Sofa is the most widely-known sofa design, and it’s for good reason that it has stuck around for as long as it has. A sofa with two matching armchairs is known as a Chesterfield Suite, hence the claim to fame.

The Chesterfield sofa sports such distinctive details like deep button tufting, classic tailoring, and deeply rolled arms. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style. Today, there are many variants of this icon available in a variety of upholstery options ranging from fabric to sumptuous leathers.

The sofa, whose moniker is derived from the Arabic word ‘suffah’, was designed with men and women’s dresses in mind. In the 1600s, ladies’ dresses were very wide and voluminous, making it difficult to sit down on traditional chairs. Men and women alike suffered wrinkles in their clothing until the sofa came along. It was made so that a small group of people could sit together and have a chat without ruining their outfit.

Jay Wellingdon Couch coined his namesake from the French word ‘couche’, which means ‘to lie down’. The only tell-tale difference between a couch and a sofa today is the name. In 1895, however, Couch wanted a piece of furniture that was more for resting one’s entire body versus simply sitting. Thus the couch was born. The terms ‘sofa’ and ‘couch’ are used interchangeably today to describe a single piece of furniture that seats at least two people, preferably three.

Sofas serve their purpose for sitting but what about sleeping space?

Pull-Out Sofa Beds (Sofa Sleepers)

While a sofa or couch makes for a very comfortable place to sit, it still doesn’t hold a candle to the comfort of a bed where you can fully stretch out. Beds are wide and spacious, whereas sofa seats tend to be narrow. Nobody likes sleeping on the couch, but most don’t mind the allure of the sofa bed (sofa sleeper).


Salema Sofa Sleeper
Sleeper Sofa


Sofas that turn into beds have a mattress hidden inside that either folds or rolls out using springs and levers. Guests can enjoy the roominess of a sofa sleeper and you get to utilize it as extra seating when no one’s sleeping on it. It’s also pretty cool that it looks just like a regular sofa. No one would ever guess that there’s a bed hiding in there simply by looking at one or even sitting on it! For these reasons, the sofa with a built-in sleeper is ideal for those wanting guest space without the bulkiness of a bed and the hassle of finding another room for it. They are great alternatives to sending your unexpected overnight guests to a hotel room.

These sofa sleepers are usually available in either full or queen size. However, some manufacturers offer a chair or a chair and a half that features a twin size mattress that pulls out for extra sleeping space for a single person. It’s a perfect space-saver for smaller apartments in New York City, for example, where every inch of space counts.

On the other hand, long-term use of a sleeper sofa gets a little old and can be uncomfortable (with certain models). Mattresses on sofa beds are quite thin in most cases, especially with the ones that don’t cost as much. Remember the old saying: you get what you pay for! Would you want to spend a week sleeping on a mattress whose springs poke and prod you through the material? We wouldn’t either. Using a sleeper sofa bed that causes back or neck pain can interfere with your sleep, which causes you to be tired even if you got 8+ hours of rest.

What’s worse is that sometimes these pull out couch beds can be difficult to pull out. If you’re someone who has a back problem where you may injure yourself pulling the bed out, you really can’t afford to use a product like this. The mechanisms in the pull out couch can get stuck; that means you have to yank, bend, and twist them to get them to work. It can be very frustrating for you and your guest.

As convenient as these couches that turn into beds are when you’re in need of an extra bed, they can be more trouble than they’re worth. That’s where the futon comes in. It’s the next best thing to pull-out sleepers.

Pull-out sleepers are good, but there is something better…

Even better than futons!

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Most hear the term ‘futon’ and think of a scrappy piece of furniture found only in college dorms and teenagers’ rooms. That may have been true a decade or so ago, but today’s futons are much more sophisticated (to an extent). Futon sofas cater to a variety of needs, both economical and functional.




When we say ‘futon’, we’re not referring to the Japanese-style roll-up bed one typically sees in Eastern countries. The Western futon is a sort of bench with a folded mattress on top. Compared to a sofa, they are smaller and more compact, making them ideal for tight spaces. As far as their look and style, futons are lower to the ground with a lightweight frame. This, among other reasons, is why they’re typically not as expensive as a typical sofa or loveseat.

Unlike sofas with pull out beds mentioned above, you won’t feel any springs or metal parts protruding, as the mattress is pretty well padded. They’re quite comfortable to sit on and watch a few episodes of your favorite Netflix series. Another advantage of futon beds is that you can change their look at whim. Futon covers allow you to give your furniture a makeover without spending much, but sofa covers can get fairly pricey. Whether you’re using a futon as a guest bed or extra seating, it functions equally well as both.

Any downsides to futons?

There are a few. The downsides are pretty simple: a futon is still not a bed. Futon mattresses that aren’t upholstered or strapped down to the frame will slide around, and you may still have an aching back if you sleep on it for prolonged periods of time. Futon sofa beds are great as a quick fix. However, those looking for something more formal for their living room will find the futon lacking in the style department.

As far as storage space, regular sleeper bed sofas or even futons don’t offer much. Some futon couches, however, do have optional storage drawers underneath but they don’t offer much of storage space.

Surely there must be something that checks off all items on your list, right?

Fortunately, there is, and it has quite the unusual name.

Click-Clack Sofa Beds… With Storage

These are not your average convertible sofa beds. Click-clack (aka clic-clac or klik-klak) sofa beds take the best of sofas and futons and mesh them into one furniture piece. To top it off, you also get the much needed storage space. If you get a click-clack sofa bed with storage, well… you’re in heaven.


Click Clack Sofa Bed
Click-Clack Sofa Bed in Sitting Position


This type of a pull out sofa bed has a far more durable mattress than regular models or futons. They’re every bit as comfortable as a regular bed, and the storage factor is a definite bonus.

Are these sofa beds comfortable?

Just how comfortable is the mattress on typical click-clack furniture? Let’s review. To be precise, click-clack sofa beds have a 9-inch or thicker mattress on them that feels like soft clouds cuddling you as you are wrapped in rainbows (okay, maybe they’re not that dreamy, but they’re still awesome). Most standard bed mattresses are anywhere from 10-14 inches thick; click-clack sofa beds, at their minimum, are just shy of that range. The innerspring coils of these sleeper beds are made from steel and are wrapped with a foam fill. As far as the mattress comfort, they are a bit on the firmer side.


Click Clack Sofa Bed Sleeper
Click-Clack Sofa Bed in Sleeping Position


What’s more, the mattress isn’t separate from the sofa. It is part of the frame and not a separate piece like the mattress of a pull-out sofa bed. Click-clack models have an innerspring mattress, meaning that they fold in half rather than sit atop the sofa. It makes for a sturdier, more comfortable seat or sleeping spot. Despite all the mechanisms used in this type of sofa bed, click-clack models still look and feel like a regular sofa. They won’t look unusual or informal sitting in your living room compared to a futon because they actually look like typical sofas.


Click Clack Innersping
Innerspring Mattress Details


Check out the video below which shows an armless click-clack sofa in action.


Click the video above to see an armless click-clack in action.


The best way to describe this multifunctional piece of furniture is to picture a mattress that folds in half in order to become a bed that has a frame as well as arms (with most models). Another way to imagine how they work is to think of a piece of bread being folded in half to make a sandwich. As far as styles, they are available ranging from traditional to more contemporary and Mid-Century modern styles. Just like with pull-out sleeper mentioned in the beginning, by simply looking at a click-clack one would never guess it can convert to a bed or have storage space. They are unassuming but big in functionality.

How exactly do they work?

If you’re wondering where the ‘click-clack’ part of this couch bed comes in, it’s all in how it converts. Click-clacks require but a simple push to ‘click’ into place. It’s really effortless. We can only assume the ‘clack’ part was added on for some onomatopoeic harmony. The fluid motion is almost like a rotating carousel. It’s so easy to do that no matter what your age or body type, you can still use and operate a click-clack sleeper. When it’s time for bed, you don’t have to waste time struggling with your sofa. You’re already tired, so why create more hassle?

Need Storage Space?

Storage is also a defining feature of this type of a convertible sofa. Regular fold out sofa beds have no storage, but convertible click-clack sofa beds can be like a hidden treasure chest with a wealth of storage space that can hold and keep the clutter out of sight.


Click Clack Sofa Bed Storage
Click-Clack Sofa Bed in Storage Position


You would never know it was there just by looking at the sofa.

What can you store in there?

Anything that will fit! Extra pillows, blankets, and more fit into the cozy storage compartment. This compartment is just as easy to get to as it is to fold the sofa down into a bed.

Since this sofa with storage underneath is so comfortable, you or your guests will get a good night’s rest. Say goodbye to flimsy mattresses with springs poking out every which way – you’re in dreamland with this sofa bed. We won’t pretend that click-clacks are better than a real bed, but they certainly give them a run for their money.

Twin Size Chair Sleeper

Here is the smallest of sleeping sizes: twin. It’s an armless pull-out chair that is ideal for the smallest of spaces. Do you live in a studio apartment and want a multifunction piece of furniture?


Twin Click Clack Chair
Click-Clack Chair in Sitting Position


It’s a great size even for the most space-challenged spaces.


Twin Click Clack Chair Sleeper
Click-Clack Chair in Twin Sleeping Position


What better way for an unexpected overnight guest to sleep in instead of giving him/her directions to the nearest hotel! With a click or two it turns into a twin size sleeping in mere seconds.

Is it a true twin size?

Not exactly, but it comes very close. The measurements of a typical twin-size mattress are 39″ wide x 75″ long. This twin pull out couch sleeper comes very close. When twin sleeper is “clicked” into sleeping position, its sleeping area measurements are 31.5″ wide by 75.5″ long. The bonus is that it has storage underneath.


Twin Click Clack Chair Storage
Click-Clack Chair in Storage Position


As is shown in the video below, there is an armless loveseat version in this collection that turns into a full-size sleeper with storage underneath. The video also depicts an armless chair that turns into a single-size sleeper.


Click the video above to see them in action.


This collection is available in a few vivid colors as far as fabric choices.

Full Size Loveseat Sleeper

When twin size sleeping area is simply not enough and when you need to seat two people a chair will simply not do. That’s where this pull out loveseat sleeper comes in. It’s a loveseat, it has arms, but more importantly it effortlessly converts to a sleeper and has storage right under it. Unlike the others, this one pulls straight out.


Full Click Clack Loveseat
Click-Clack Loveseat Sleeper in Sitting Position


Loveseats are not typically known to offer any sleepers inside of them. This loveseat bed is a bit different from the norm. What more can one ask for as far as functionality?

Is it a true full size?

It’s shy by 1 inch as far as width but it is almost 2 inches longer. A typical full-size mattress measures 54″ wide x 75″ long. This convertible loveseat measures 53″ wide x 76.7″ long.


Full Click Clack Loveseat Sleeper
Click-Clack Loveseat in Full Sleeper Position


Because of its small overall footprint, you may even be able to place this double size sleeper in an RV, depending on the measurements of the space in your RV, of course.


Full Click Clack Loveseat Storage
Click-Clack Loveseat in Storage Position


In the video below, you can see how this loveseat double sleeper functions.


Click the video above to see it in action.


This full size pull out sleeper includes contrasting pillows shown and a mattress pad for a great sleep experience. When you are not using the mattress pad, you can always store it in the storage compartment underneath along with extra sheets, blankets, and pillows. As far as design, it’s a bit on the transitional side featuring boxy quilting details.

Queen Size Sofa Bed

The ideal size mattress and the most common one to comfortably accommodate two adults is a queen. It’s a good thing that this sofa bed features a queen size sleeping area. The measurements of a typical queen size mattress are 60″ wide x 80″ long. When this queen size click-clack sofa bed is in sleeping position, its measurements are 61″ wide x 78.7″ long. It’s 1 inch wider than a typical queen size mattress.


Queen Sofa Bed
Sofa Bed in Sitting Position


Unlike the rest of the click clacks, this queen sleeper sofa does not have a click-clack mechanism. Instead, it works using a rail system.


Queen Sofa Bed Sleeper
Sofa Bed in Queen Sleeping Position


However, just like the other click clacks mentioned, it has storage space underneath. To access the storage area, you simply lift the front side a few inches and glide it out via built-in rails. To put it into a sleeper position, simply flip the back once you’ve glided the front. Remove the back pillows and unzip the side bolster pillows and you have your sleeping area. You can even toss all those pillows inside the storage area. Talk about functional and practical innovation!


Queen Sofa Bed Storage
Sofa Bed in Storage Position


In the video below, you can see how it turns into a queen size bed.


Click the video above to see it in action.


The chrome finish and clean, boxy design elements of this multifunctional queen size sleeper sofa exude contemporary sophistication but it does make a bold statement. It’s available in a few different fabrics to coordinate a variety of interior designs. It even has a matching chair to complement it.

King Size Sofa Bed

What if a queen size sleeping area is simply not enough?


Click Clack Sectional
Click-Clack Sectional in Sitting Position


You guessed it. There is an almost king size version of these sofa beds… but it’s a click-clack sectional with a chaise on one end.


Sectional Sleeper
Click-Clack Sectional in Sleeping Position


The chaise part can be placed on either side as you’ll see in the video below. Any time you want to change the location of the chaise, you can do it by disassembling the sectional. And it’s easy to do without any tools. Even though it’s a click-clack sectional, it still functions like the regular click-clack sofa bed and it has storage space underneath.

Is it a true king size?

The measurements of a typical king size mattress are 76″ wide x 80″ long. When this sectional sofa sleeper is converted into sleeping position there is rectangular gap in which the optional ottoman slides perfectly into place.


Sectional Sleeper with Ottoman
Click-Clack Sectional and Ottoman in King Sleeping Position


Once the ottoman is placed in that space, the overall sleeping area of the sleeper sectional along with the ottoman becomes 67″ wide x 88″ long. The sleeping space is not exactly a perfect king size since it’s 9″ narrow but it is 8″ longer than a king size mattress.


Sectional Storage
Click-Clack Sectional in Storage Position


The video below shows exactly how this sectional click-clack sleeper works.


Click the video above to see it in action.


This sectional sleeper features contemporary design elements like tuxedo arms and chrome finishing details on the legs that won’t overwhelm a room. Just like other collections of click-clacks, it’s available in a few different fabrics. Along with the sectional and ottoman, there is also a loveseat and chair version that are part of this collection!

Where Can I Buy One of These?

Available in a variety of fabrics, including microfiber, these sofa beds can complement your existing decor. If you live in local Northern New Jersey and New York City, you’re in luck because we are minutes away from you where you can see and feel these sofa beds in person in our showroom. You can also purchase them from our website. Here is the link below.


Where to Buy Click Clack Sofa Beds