Should I Buy a Sofa or a Sectional?

It’s that time to purchase a new living room and you want to create one with a ton of personality. It’s probably the first room you want to plop yourself into after a hard day’s work, whether you were doing physical labor or thought-work. One of the important decisions is whether you should go with a sofa, sofa and loveseat combo, or a sectional. It’s not an easy decision and you have to take a few things into consideration.



Advantages of Sectionals

Unlike a sofa and loveseat combo, a sectional can fill up a corner much better. A sofa and loveseat combo or a sofa and a pair of chairs combo nestled in a tight corner will leave empty space which is enough for an end table. But if the room is small every inch of space counts and that corner would be better utilized as another seat. A sectional can fill that empty space much better and is a great way to maximize seating in a room.

Cost is another advantage. With the unemployment rate the way it is and increasing gasoline prices many are struggling in this tough economy. Therefore, any way to save a dollar or two is more than welcome. A living room collection consisting of a sofa, loveseat, and a chair will cost much more than a sectional with equal number of seats.

Sectionals define an area of the room much better. If you want to create a more casual vibe, rather than a formal one, sectionals would be a better choice. They are great gathering place for families especially during movie nights where all of you want to be close to each other and perhaps even snuggle. Nothing creates a feeling or camaraderie when sports fans get together to watch their favorite team play, especially during finals, and sectionals would be a better choice to watch the game.



Advantages of Sofas

Unlike a sectional, sofa and loveseat or sofa and chairs combos provide a separation. This is probably a better choice when entertaining guests. If you’re part of a book club, for example, and you’re hosting the book club event in your home, two sofas opposing each other or a sofa and loveseat opposing each other would be a better choice because you want to sit facing each other.

A sofa anchors a living room space. As far a decorating, an accent chair that is upholstered in a different fabric than the accompanying sofa adds a bit of personality to the room. Now add throw pillows to the sofa in the same color scheme as the accent chair and it will bring the room together like nothing else. By the way, it’s never a good idea to have the accent throw pillows in the same fabric color as the sofa.


Modular Sectional

Modular Sectionals Are the Best of Both Worlds

What are modular sectionals? Why are freestanding sectionals even better? With modular sectionals you can configure individual pieces in a variety of ways. If you want a chaise on one end, it can be done. If you want a bumper on the end instead, it can be done. Even sleepers can be added to loveseat or sofa parts of a sectional. They can be custom made to fit just about any room size. The only downside is that many have attachment points on sides and are not fully finished on those sides because they are meant to attach to another piece. These individual pieces are not meant to be separated as freestanding pieces.

On the other hand, individual pieces of sectionals that are freestanding (fully finished on all sides and the connecting clips are hidden underneath) can be separated from a sectional configuration any time you want. So for movie nights with the family arrange the pieces together or for more formal events separate them to create that separation.

Modular, freestanding sectionals accomplish all the tasks that sofas and stationary sectionals can do and offer more flexibility. If you want the best of both worlds, there is no better choice. Check out our entire living room collections, including sofas, regular sectionals, as well as modular sectionals.