Salema Sectional: Casual Comfort

Salema Sectional

It looks very comfortable and looks aren’t deceiving in this case. Loft dwellers and casual contemporary design lovers are also drawn to the straight-forward, no-frills aesthetic of the Salema sectional. The clean, uncluttered design of this sectional is the norm, rather than the exception and is ideal for those with tastes that are increasingly streamlined.

As far as fabric and leather upholstery choices are concerned, Salema collection is anything but streamlined though. There are over 100 leathers and fabrics to choose from. Upholster it in a pebble colored leather, the latest spin on gray, thus providing a warm, neutral complement for trendy hues or go wild with an artsy plum colored fabric that will make for a beautiful monochromatic scheme. Finish off the gentle shape of the Salema with a few choices of leg finishes.

There are also a few versatile, modular pieces from this collection so that you can configure your very own version of a sectional. There are also living room pieces like a sofa, an apartment sofa, loveseat, chair, and more form this collection. It’s a customizer’s dream in one package.

It’s very affordable, as well. The state of the current economy has affected a move away from excessiveness and a more subtle and discreet design trend is evident, with emphasis on comfort and practicality offered by casual contemporary sectionals like this.