Karbon – An Uncommonly Restful Glider

Karbon Glider

Dinosaurs wandered the earth around 66 million years ago and had evolved through natural selection to their greatest triumph. About 500,000 years later, the Cretaceous Period along with the dinosaurs abruptly ended. Their downfall was brought about by a cataclysmic climate event or series of events generally though to be either an increased volcanism throughout the planet, an immense asteroid impact, or a combination of both. This incident set off mass extinctions of many other animals on this planet. The typical glider is the “dinosaur” of modern gliders; nevertheless it is not extinct – far from it, as a matter of fact! Since its introduction, the typical glider has constantly evolved. The Karbon glider is a perfect example to what it has evolved to.

The Karbon also swivels thanks to a Leggett and Plat premium swivel glider mechanism. This contemporary glider features lively proportions with crisp, upholstered lines. Upholster it in over 100 fabrics or leathers. There is even a chair version of it if you prefer the stationary side. It has evolved to a perfect place to rest and relax.