Modular Sectionals Offer Endless Possibilities

Modular Sectional

Do you have unusual measurements in your living room area where you’d like to fit a sectional? Not content with just finding something typical? Do you want to use every inch of that specific space? Do you want an L-shape sectional? Do you want it stationary or do you want it recline? Do you want a bumper or a chaise on one end?

Once you have an idea how you want the sectional configured, you start shopping. Usually, furniture shoppers will visit one or two of the big box stores and check out their selections. Most of these big box chains offer delivery in 3 days or less. That means they have to stock their warehouse with everything they have on their showroom floor in order to meet that 3 day delivery promise. Therefore, if you see a sectional that you like but want it configured differently or upholstered in a different fabric of leather than is shown, too bad. It won’t be possible because these types of furniture stores, more often than not, do not take custom orders. That is where we come in.

What Exactly Are Modular Sectionals?

Imagine individual pieces of living room furniture that can be placed next to each other to create the perfect sectional for your unique space. As far as configurations, the sky is the limit. Basically, you need to decide how you want the ends of the sectional. Then you fill in the missing pieces in the middle.


Chase and Loveseat

An Example of a Sectional with a Chaise

On the left hand side is LHF (left hand facing) loveseat and on the right is a RHF (right hand facing) chaise.




Interlocking Brackets

Attached via Interlocking Metal Brackets

The chase as well as the loveseat feature metal brackets on the bottom which make it possible for these two pieces to attach to each other. Keep in mind that these types of modular sectionals are not fully upholstered on the sides where the brackets are because they are not meant to be free-standing pieces. They must be attached to each other. However, there are sectional pieces that can be stand alone or be attached when needed as will be shown below.




Sectional with Chaise

Attached Sectional with a Chaise

This is what the sectional looks like when the chaise and the loveseat are attached together.



Reversed Sectional with Chaise

Reversed Configuration

The configuration as shown above can be reversed. If you prefer the chase on the right hand side and the loveseat on the left hand side, it can be done.




Juno Modular Sectionals

More Configurations in Custom Fabrics and Leathers

This particular collection is available in endless configurations and 300+ upholstery options so whatever configuration and upholstery you choose, what matters is that the sectional will speak to you. The different fabrics and leathers can change its look significantly.




Mid-Century Modern Modular Sectional

How about Something More Mid-Century Modern?

If you’re trying to complement the rest of your furnishings in your home with something period appropriate, such as a Mid-Century modern sectional, keep in mind that if the sectional takes your breath away the first time you see it on our showroom floor, you’ll likely have that very feeling each time you walk by it in your living room. The tailored look of Mid-Mod is a timeless classic to this day.




Replay Modular Sofa

It Starts with a Sofa

All of these sectional groups are available as sofas, loveseats, chairs, and ottomans.




Replay Modular Apartment Sofa

Or an Apartment-Sized Sofa with Chrome Legs

For many, space in certain apartments is very tight, so a smaller version of the sofa is offered and hence the name, apartment sofa. It’s larger than a loveseat but smaller than a regular sized sofa.




Replay Modular Loveseats

An LHF or RHF Loveseat Will Be Added

A freestanding LHF or RHF loveseat, depending on which side you want it, simply butts up against the sofa with discreet connectors. Any time you want to separate these two pieces, you can. They can stand alone.




Sectional Connector Clips

Attached via Discreet Connectors

Connector clips are screwed to the bottom of each furniture piece. When you want to disconnect the pieces, you simply rotate the female clip out of sight.




Replay Modular Sectional

Attached Sectional with a Loveseat

This is what this modern sectional looks like when the sofa and the LHF or RHF loveseat are attached together.




Mid-Century Modern Sectionals

Want More Mid-Century Modern Modular Sectionals?

During the Mid-Century modern design era, designers came together to accomplish many amazing things as far as aesthetics and functionality. So, make a bold statement in your living room with one of our more Mid-Century stylized sectionals which you can configure as you please.




Transitional  Modular Sectionals

How about More of a Transitional Style?

Many consumers don’t like the extreme as far as styles so transitional style is what they prefer because it falls right in the middle. It’s basically a combination of traditional and contemporary. The rolled arms of this transitional collection perfectly depict this new take on old classics. Do you ever have overnight guests? If so the full size sleeper is a great option available in this grouping.




Reclining  Modular Sectionals

Do You Want to Recline?

Escape from your daily routine and sit back, relax, and recline in one of our modular reclining sectionals. The generously padded seating offers the ultimate in relaxation. The recliners of this modular group can be ordered in manual or power options. There are even full size sleeper options with this group.

The advantage of multi-functional sectionals such as these is that you can maximize your living room space not only for when guests arrive but also for everyday relaxing. Our individual pieces from our modular collections give you the ability to create a sectional that perfectly suit your needs.

Where Can I Buy These Sectionals?

If you’d like to try out these sectionals in person, visit our showroom in Lyndhurst, Northern New Jersey. We are minutes away from New York City via Lincoln Tunnel. Or, you could simply shop online. Choose one of the fabrics or leathers you like and we’ll ship out the swatches to you. Once you decide on the upholstery, we’ll ship out the sectional anywhere in the contiguous United States.


Where to Buy Sectionals