Layout Designs for Home Theater Chairs

Home Theater Seating

Many home owners tend to overlook the fact that their basement can be a useful part of the home. One of the best ways to increase your living space in your home without making any extensions, adding another level, or invading the yard is to renovate your basement. It is much more cost effective. Most of the work can be done by you, such as drywall and flooring, but complex things like electricity should be left to the professionals. If planned properly, basements are perfect areas for recreation, such as dedicated home theater rooms. In fact, there is not a better room for a home theater. Basements are devoid of natural sunlight since they have very few windows and who wants to watch a movie in direct sunlight. Few rooms in your home can be as useful when transformed into a theater room. But how do you decide which theater chairs to purchase? How many rows of chairs should you set up? How far will these chairs be from the TV screen? Basically, how do choose a layout for the theater chairs in your newly renovated basement?

General Size of Room

When professional designers tackle commercial theater chairs the most important aspect of the layout is the ability to deliver the motion picture as well as the related soundtrack to the movie buffs with the least amount of distortion and obstruction. In order to accomplish this objective, the seating arrangement design plays a vital role. These same design principles apply to your home theater seating from FOW. Knowing the general size of the room will enable you to get an idea about the overall number of theater chairs, rows, and the distance of the chairs to the screen.

Largest TV Possible Could be a Mistake

Today’s wide-screen high-definition TVs provide astonishingly vivid images with deep blacks and crisp whites unlike regular television sets of the past. The picture can be adjusted like never before, generating cinema-like detailed images. Many consumers decide to purchase the largest TV set that is out there but which they have the funds for. This, however, is a major mistake. In this case, bigger is not better. By sitting too close to the TV screen, not only will you be distracted by amplified awareness of the minuscule pixels, but also horizontal scan lines on CRT TVs. Now, if you sit too far away from the television screen the impact is lost.


Home Theater Seating

Viewing Distance

The best viewing distance for a typical wide-screen high-definition TV is anywhere between 1.5 and 3 times the diagonal measurement of the TV screen. If you go closer than that you will experience a loss of picture quality. So, for a TV that is 55 inches wide, for example, the maximum viewing distance from the theater chairs to the screen is 12.8 feet and the minimum is 6.9 feet. This information can help you figure out the ideal screen size and the number of allowable rows of theater chairs.

Best Viewing Angles

The best horizontal viewing angle according to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is 30 degrees. With angles larger than 30 degrees the viewer will experience fading of colors. Knowing this insightful piece of information can help you get an idea as to the number of chairs each row will have for the best possible viewing angle. Your home theater viewers need to be able to get in and out of their theater chairs easily and safely so leave sufficient room for an easily accessible isle. Don’t go crazy with too many theater chairs or too many rows which will never be used. If your newly created theater room will allow for more than 1 row of chairs, the recommended distance between these rows is 42 inches.

By taking proper measurements of the space in your basement which will accommodate your latest home theater chairs setup, you can decide on the number of theater chairs in combination with the screen size. The economy has been hit hard for the past few years, so purchase the suitable home theater chairs like the ones shown here on our site so the movie fans in your household can enjoy watching the latest flick on a beautiful digital screen while relaxing in luxurious chairs.