Where Can I Find Quality Kids’ Beds in New Jersey?

Classic Twin Bed in Pecan

Seems Like a Typical Kids’ Bed, No?

It’s hard to beat classic bed designs. The clear simplicity of this bed surpasses the most discriminating beauty standards. Beautifully crafted from birch hardwood, this Classic twin bed was inspired by straightforward, classic styles and it is an arch style bed shown in a rich pecan finish. It’s available in a few other finishes as we’ll see in a bit. With quality features like hardwood construction, metal hardware for attaching bed ends to side rails, and wood slat-rolls (no need for box springs), this bed demonstrates a clever fusion of form and function.

Classic Full Bed in Pecan

It’s Also Available in Full Size

It is an exciting time for parents and children alike when it’s time to purchase their own bed for the first time, especially if the new bed is a step-up from a crib or a toddler bed. It’s really a personal choice but if there is enough room in the bedroom, many parents will go straight for a full size bed instead of a twin. After all, they can use the bigger size bed until the child leaves for college instead of purchasing a twin and a few years down the road a full. It’s something to consider. Again, if space is an issue, stick with the twin size.

Classic Twin Beds in All Finishes

It’s Available in 4 Finishes

The bed is available in a range of finishes – from white, pecan and chocolate to cherry – for added versatility. These finishes are so delightful that it may be difficult to choose. These timeless finishes make wonderful counterpoints to vibrant bedding fabrics and accents. Generous stripes, eye-catching florals (for girls, of course), and bold checkerboards on bedding can characterize and add fun to kids’ bedrooms.

Classic Twin in White with Trundle

Optional Under-Bed Sleep Trundle

When it comes to children, sleepovers are mandatory and they are rites of passage for growing up. Birthday parties and other get-togethers, sooner than later, turn into requests for those sleepovers. With the optional trundles, you simply pull them out when the secondary sleeping space is needed. They easily slide out via casters. There is no need for your child’s guest to grab a sleeping bag. Just like the beds, trundles feature slat-rolls so all that is needed is a trundle mattress placed inside of the trundle and your kid’s bedroom is pretty much guest-ready.

Classic Twin in Cherry with Storage Drawers

Optional Under-Bed Storage Drawers

Smaller rooms which lack storage space may need storage drawers underneath that otherwise wasted under-bed space instead of trundles. The storage drawers are sold in pairs, so if the bed will be placed against a wall, then only one pair is needed. If, on the other hand, the bed will be in the middle of the room, two pairs of storage drawers can fit under these beds (one on each side). You can store just about anything in them from toys and books to clothing. They feature casters which swivel 360 degrees for easy maneuvering.



Classic Bunk Bed in Chocolate

Available as a Bunk Bed

With an arrival of a second child many parents need to figure out the sleeping arrangements, especially those that are space-challenged when it comes to their living quarters. This is true whether you are living in an apartment or a house. So, instead of placing 2 twin beds inside already cramped bedrooms opt to go vertical by choosing a bunk bed. Just like the twin and full beds, bunk beds have the same features and they accept trundles or storage drawers underneath them. If at any time in the future there is a need to separate them, it can be easily done and you’ll have 2 twin beds instead. The only problem would be the debate the kids may have as to which one of them gets the top bunk.


Full Over Full Bunk Bed in White

Available as a Full over Full Bunk Bed

With the full over full versions of this bed your children can enjoy the extra room in these beds while at the same time managing the available space in the bedroom. They are a great ways to maximize space. Just like with all the other mentioned beds, these accept the optional under-bed storage drawers and trundles.



Cottage Twin Bed in Pecan

Available in Other Styles

If the Classic bed is not your cup of tea as far as styling in concerned, there are other choices like this Cottage bed. It features delightful beadboard paneling on the headboard and footboard. It’s a very modern twist on a traditional style bringing an invigorating wholesomeness to contemporary decorating. It accepts the optional storage drawers and trundles and it’s available as a regular bunk bed or as a full over full bunk bed.



Victorian Chic Panel Bed

Fit for a Princess

All little girls need that special place they call their own where their imaginations run wild. The Victorian Chic panel bed in a soft off-white finish offers a charming look with eye-catching floral bouquet carvings. Make her childhood fantasies come to life with the picture perfect bed. This delightful bed will set the stage for daydreams every day and give your little girl’s imagination room to grow. She’ll also enjoy instant sleepovers with the option trundle.



Student Loft Bed with Stairs in Cherry

Multifunctional Student Loft Beds

Smaller bedroom spaces and smaller finances mean multipurpose beds are a perfect choice. This one student loft bed can perform functions of multiple furniture pieces and it doesn’t have a rather large footprint. It features stairs with built-in drawers, a desk, 3 desk drawers, a bunk on top, and an optional lower bed in either twin or full size. For the budges conscious consumer this loft is a great choice considering if all these furniture pieces were to be purchased separately, there are great savings. The designers have really been challenged with this amazing multifunctional bed.

Where Can I Buy These Beds?

Affordably priced and stylishly designed, these beds are great for growing families and here you can see all of FOW’s kids’ bed collections. If you’re looking for kids’ beds in New Jersey there’s no better place. Made from hardwoods like birch, these beds are constructed to withstand the rigors of everyday life and with style. Few of the designs feature elements rooted in the past which are elegant yet subtly relaxed for today’s families. These styles transform the finest woods and rich finishes into timeless treasures. The ultimate in refinement and multifunctional designs, our collections of kids’ beds would look great in any home.