Student Loft Beds: Save Tons of Space – and Break Away from the Ordinary

Take a moment and visualize a student’s dorm room or a child’s bedroom.

If you’re picturing a dorm room, chances are good you see one or two twin beds against the walls (depending on whether one or two students occupy the space), small desks, and dresser – and no room for anything else. There’s probably barely enough empty floor space to be able to reach the beds or desks, or simply get dressed, without banging into something.


Kids Bedroom with Twin Beds
Typical Kids’ Bedroom with Twin Beds


If you’re thinking about a typical children’s bedroom, it’s most likely just as cramped. Trying to find enough room to set up a TV that doesn’t have to be crammed onto the dresser, a video game console and controllers, or just some space on the floor to study, exercise or hang out with friends? Forget about it.

Did you notice how easy it was for you to visualize those two types of rooms? That’s because the traditional bed, desk, and dresser setup is almost universal. Nearly every dorm room and kids’ bedroom looks exactly the same – except for the color of the rug and the stuff that’s hanging on the walls. Perhaps the reason is that people don’t develop a taste for more elaborate decor until they get older. More probably, it’s because the usual “big three” pieces of furniture don’t leave much room for imagination or creativity.

One piece of furniture can break that mold in a striking way to make a room look completely different, while saving enough space to let a student actually enjoy his or her room while awake – and even allowing two students or children to comfortably coexist in a space that normally doesn’t even fit one properly. That magical piece of furniture is a student loft bed.

How a Student Loft Bed Changes a Room

Our versatile and attractive loft beds combine some or all of the “required” elements of any bedroom – bed, desk, and storage chest of drawers – into a single piece of furniture with a surprisingly small footprint. You can even purchase student loft beds with two separate twin beds (or even one twin and one full-sized bed) to take care of all of the sleeping, study, and storage needs of two students in just one portion of a room, opening up an enormous amount of space to be used for other purposes.


Student Loft in Pecan Finish


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Here’s how to picture the amazing difference one of these loft beds can make. The typical twin mattress is 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. One of our compact loft beds, with one mattress, measures 42 inches by 80 inches; the loft unit has almost the same footprint, yet packs ample storage space and a full student desk into the space. If you add a second bed to the configuration it measures about 80 inches by 80 inches, meaning you have taken care of two students’ needs by only using the extra length of a yardstick. We’ll dig a bit deeper into the space requirements for our student loft beds shortly.

You can’t summarize the full effect that this furniture will have on a room with just numbers, though. The distinctive appearance of our student loft beds transforms an ordinary, utilitarian bedroom into a homey and inviting space not just for sleeping, but for studying, relaxing, and even entertaining. Our beds are available in numerous configurations, and impeccably constructed from hardwood solids in beautiful finishes ranging from cherry and white, to chocolate and pecan. A student bedroom with a loft bed will stand out from the rest, the bed will stand up to use and abuse, and the amount of space that’s created will astound you.

Let’s take a closer look at the selection of student loft beds we offer.

Our Student Loft Beds

This is the simplest version of our student loft beds – but oh, what a piece of furniture. The basic model comes with a twin bed on the top, which is accessible by a matching ladder, and since the bed has wood slat rolls with canvas underneath there’s no need for a space-eating box spring. You just need to purchase a mattress, which is sold separately. For safety, there are side railings, a headboard and a footboard integral to the bed.

One side of the unit has a built-in full-size student desk with three drawers, positioned underneath the foot of the bed; the desk can be rotated 180° so the chair is positioned either under the bed or on the outside. On the opposite side there are open shelves, and a five-drawer chest underneath the head of the bed. Versatility is built into this loft bed; not only can you rotate the desk, but you can reverse the desk and chest/shelving combination so that they sit either on the left side of the bed, or on the right.


Student Loft in White Finish


This loft bed can easily and inexpensively be upgraded so that it will sleep two, with an optional twin bed for the lower level, which sits on the floor (with caster wheels) perpendicular to the upper bed. Once again, the lower bed doesn’t require a box spring thanks to its wood slat rolls, keeping the entire unit compact, yet offering the support for the mattress that a box spring would. The only compromise required if you opt for the lower bed is that you can’t turn the desk around, since the space where you’d have to put the desk chair is occupied by the lower bed.

This entire student loft bed, complete with the desk, shelves, and five-drawer chest, only requires 23 square feet of floor space (and a little more if the lower bed is added). To put that number into perspective, that’s only about one-sixth of the floor space in a normal, small 10×12 bedroom – a room which would be cramped at best (and completely full at worst) if a separate twin bed, student desk, and bureau were all jammed into the available space. There’s no student or a child on earth who couldn’t find a good use for an extra 50-100 square feet. And the height of the unit is well under six feet, so it will fit easily into attic rooms or those built underneath the eaves of a house or a dorm building.

The student loft bed is available in white, rich pecan, cherry, or chocolate wood finishes and the construction details are impeccable. We’ll get into those details after taking a look at the other configurations of this bed that we offer.

Our Student Loft Beds with Stairs
(with Desk Option)

This version of our student loft bed will take up another ten square feet or so – but that small area can make a tremendous difference. The space is used for a staircase, complete with handrails, leading to the upper bed; it’s almost as if the unit creates a second-story bedroom with a private entrance.


Student Loft with Stairs in White Finish


Each stair has a large drawer built into it, making a total of four roomy drawers placed into what would be otherwise unused space. This storage method lets you avoid the need to add a separate dresser which would take up a good-sized portion of the bedroom. For even more convenience, the bottom drawer is built in the form of a three-foot long “rolling toy box” that can be rolled out anywhere into the room to be packed or emptied.


Toy Box Drawer in Pecan Finish


The upper bed on this model is the same as on the simpler version we’ve already discussed, with the wood slat rolls that make a box spring unnecessary as well as the headboard, footboard, and side rails. However, the optional lower bed on the student loft bed with stairs can be outfitted with either a normal twin bed or a larger full size bed, providing extra room whether the unit is to be used by an adult sleeping on the bottom, a larger student, or just someone who likes to spread out for comfort.

In this configuration, the side opposite the staircase houses a student desk with three drawers. And as with the basic model, the desk can be rotated 180° so the chair can sit underneath the upper bed as long as there isn’t the optional second bed already occupying that space. And the unit is built so that the staircase and desk can easily be moved to opposite sides, left or right.

Even with the staircase, this student loft bed takes up less than 30 square feet in a room, less than one-quarter of the space in our hypothetical 10 x 12 bedroom but still providing lots of storage, a desk, and an almost-luxurious second-floor sleeping area. It can be chosen in the same four beautiful wood finishes available for the bed without staircase, and it’s built with the same attention to detail – which we’ll detail after checking out one more possible configuration for the loft bed.

Our Student Loft Beds with Stairs
(with Chest Option)

Don’t need the student desk that comes standard with the first two setups we’ve discussed? This student loft bed makes use of that extra space perfectly, replacing the desk with a five-drawer chest and attached shelving which is a perfect match for the staircase with four drawers on the opposite side of the unit. The additional storage will come in very handy for a second person, if you add the lower bed.


Student Loft with Stairs in Cherry Finish


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The rest of this compact loft bed’s features are similar to those in the staircase model with the attached desk. They include the safety handrails on the staircase leading to the upper bed and the headrest; footrest and handrails up above and all around the bed; the wood slat rolls eliminating the need for box springs; the choice of either a twin or full size bed for the optional lower bed; the ability to move the stairs and second chest to opposite sides if desired; the rolling toy box for extra-convenient storage in the bottom stair. And naturally, there’s the choice of four attractive wood finishes, as well as the terrific construction of these student loft beds – which it’s finally time to examine.

The Quality of Our Student Loft Beds

So many manufacturers cut corners when producing furniture, particularly for children’s or students’ rooms, that it can come as a surprise when you see products as impressive as our student loft beds. These units have been designed and made the way quality furniture should be.

The first thing you notice when you put your hands on these beds is that they’re solid. That’s because they’re constructed well to withstand the rigors of childhood. And the bedrails are made from plywood, not MDF, in order to prevent any possible splitting or warping which might occur over time.

You won’t find flimsy plastic anchors holding our student loft beds together. The rails are connected to the headboard and footboard, for example, with high-quality metal hardware, and the rails and ladders are firmly attached with screws or bolts. The wood slat rolls that go under the mattresses have durable canvas stretchers and are attached with two screws per slat. No matter where you look, you see the signs of quality.

That goes for the chests and drawers as well. They feature front and back English dovetail construction, the front panels are screwed (and not just glued or stapled) to the drawer boxes, and the back panels aren’t just tacked on (as is normally the practice with most manufacturers) but are inserted into slots, glued, and screwed into place. There are even side-mounted metal drawer guides on the insides of the drawer boxes.

In short, these student loft beds have been built to last for years and to be the true centerpiece of a room, even if the room is a child’s bedroom or in a dorm. The sheen of the rich finished wood promises quality and the product delivers on that promise. And the amazing amount of extra space that becomes available as soon as you replace the “big three” pieces of furniture with a student loft bed – makes you realize that dorm rooms and small bedrooms don’t have to look the way you ordinarily picture them.


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