Student Loft Bed in Pecan – Multifunctional Practicality

Student Loft Bed in Pecan

This student loft bed in pecan finish features routed drawer fronts, bead-board moldings, English-dovetailed drawer fronts and backs, and sleep/storage/study configuration. The English-dovetailed joint is the strongest joint that can survive the constant pull of opening and closing the drawer repeatedly for years to come. The bottom bed can be eliminated, leaving space for storage and play area. This student loft is constructed from birch hardwood. The unisex pecan finish promises to span the years from young tween to older teen. Beyond practicality and function, parents and children are looking for furniture that can be customized and designed to make it the child’s very own. The student loft bed offers customization options, such as reversing chest and desk units to personalize their furniture.