Introducing the Latest Version of Basics Collections of Kids’ Furniture

Basics Collections of Kids Furniture

Is it possible to create great kids’ bedroom furniture that is affordable to most households? Of course, it is!

FOW is proud to reintroduce the Basics Collections of youth furnishings which is a collection of value-priced, quality pieces designed with distinctive features and great styling. Basics Collections features simple, youthful design essentials such as square tapered feet on case goods as well as routed drawer fronts. It’s collections like this that appeal to kids and adults alike. The collection possess over 20 bed configurations – from bunk beds to student lofts to twin and full sizes, as well as a great series of fun and imaginative tent loft beds. The case pieces like dressers, chests, and nightstands feature birch hardwood construction, front and back English-dovetailed drawers, bottom-mounted, self-closing, ball-bearing guides as well as reinforced bottoms.

Basics is a provocative collection that challenges the norm and inspires viewers to see furniture finishes in new ways. It embraces a highly personalized approach because it is offered in 4 distinctive finishes. It offers young girls and trend-conscious teens a sophisticated design by way of a crisp while finish. Dark finishes are also the latest trends and the dark chocolate and rich cherry are offered in this collection. These darker finishes are understated pallets that echo the visible qualities of the youthful furniture design. A slight masculine influence is evident with these darker tones. The pecan finish, on the other hand, is a rich, vibrant, opulent tone that stands out, especially on beds, and adds a luxurious touch when paired with warm hints of cream and black on the bedding. The essence of the pecan finish is complete versatility and adaptability. A hint of mystery unfolds through various degrees of depth with this finish.

Today’s parents also yearn for multi-functional youth furniture pieces that are not only flexible but can fit in smaller places and which reflect how children live today. Loft beds are timeless ideas that are having a trendsetting moment, and no wonder. Any kids’ furniture store that’s missing one is really missing out. The student lofts, junior lofts, and lofts with stairs offer endless possibilities when it comes to designing a child’s personal space. Take the space-challenged children’s rooms to unexpected heights by incorporating one of these multi-purpose lofts. The student loft, for example, has a loft bed on top, a chest of drawers with shelving on one side, a desk with drawers on the other side, and an optional lower bed. It’s not a stretch to say that clutter is the bane of most youth bedrooms, but student lofts have it all under control. A student loft is perfect for moms and dads who crave a space-saving footprint at a reasonable price.

The Basics Collections of youth furniture have styling, features, and quality hardwood construction that are made to last. The simple details of these collections lend a charming touch without going overboard.