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Introducing Bergenfield, New Jersey

Bergenfield is an attractive and charming borough located within Bergen County in New Jersey. If you’re looking for the best place to raise your children, Bergenfield, New Jersey is your ideal candidate. Bergenfield has long held on to the ranking of the 2nd best place in New Jersey to raise children and when you visit this cozy little municipality it won’t take long to see why. With a wealth of great schools, community centers, and local businesses like furniture stores in Bergenfield, NJ, Bloomberg was able to rank it as the #2 city in the state for families with children.


Map of Bergenfield
Map of Bergenfield


The history of Bergenfield is something of an underdog story, as the area emerged from nothing more than a one-house town, into a thriving community over several decades. The borough originally came to life during the “Boroughitis” period that moved through Bergen County during 1894, wherein approximately 26 different Boroughs were formed in the area, one after the other.

A Vast Cultural Background

Before it was known as Bergenfield, the area was inhabited primarily by Dutch immigrants and Huguenots, who named the space “Barren hill” or “Schraalenburgh”. Back then, the name was quite adept, as few people lived in the community and the only people for miles around were farmers attempting to make the most out of the soil. It wasn’t until the time of the civil war that Bergenfield began to grow, attracting new people and trades from various backgrounds.

During 1873, a changing point occurred in the history of Bergenfield when the New York and New Jersey Railroad companies built a new station towards the southern half of the borough. The residents were asked to name the station but the community struggled to come up with a title that everyone was comfortable with. In an attempt to please everyone at once the officials behind the railroad decided to use the term “Bergen Fields” on their tickets and that gradually became adapted to the modern, Bergenfield.


Copper Pond Park
Copper Pond Park


An industrial revolution boosted the town’s wealth and population in the early 20th century. Soon, churches and a solid business district could be found at the borough’s center leading to a rapid expansion in which the population doubled. New additions to the business district and surrounding area included Copper Pond Park, Post Office, and St. John’s R.C. Church. By the mid-20th century, town staples like the Public Works Department and the Borough Hall had been completed.

A Devoted Community

Although the background of Bergenfield started small and homely it’s worth noting that the area is known today for its dedicated and friendly community. A trip to Bergenfield today will give you the chance to mingle with people from all different races, creeds, and religion, singularly devoted to hard work and collaboration.

The Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Group

Back in 1894, there was very little to see in Bergenfield, with no central gas or water supply and no street lighting. The very first fire services were established during 1904, and in 1921, police came to the town as growth began to flourish with a range of new factories, furniture stores, schools, and churches.


Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Group
Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Group


A volunteer service for ambulance care, called the Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Corps, came to life during 1941 as members of the community joined together to help assist people in need who might not be able to turn to the standard emergency departments. As a non-profit and independent group, the BVAC, as it is now known, is a place where locals can go to receive medical care and emergency help when they need it most. Because the entire organization is voluntary, there are no bills for services – instead, the entire group is funded through donations from the public with some small assistance from the government.

Today’s Bergenfield

It’s safe to say that over the years, the tiny borough of Bergenfield has seen some significant growth. From the days when it was little more than a single house in a range of farmer’s field, to the modern and thriving town you can see today. According to census data, there were around 8,981 households in Bergenfield during the 2000 census, compared to only 47 homes back in 1850.

Today’s numbers peg Bergenfield’s population at around 27,406. At its peak, Bergenfield registered almost 30,000 citizens in its 1970 census. Residents enjoy the annual St. Patrick’s Day and Memorial Day parades that travel the main street, as well as other festivities for all seasons.

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