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Introducing Alpine, 07620

A quiet little borough, hidden away within the midst of Bergen County in New Jersey, Alpine is a unique, and frequently over-looked suburb of New York City. Situated at the most eastern edge of New Jersey, the area is known for its serene community, it’s incredible architecture, and a host of high-end boulevards, featuring homes that demand average prices somewhere in the region of $4.4 million.


Map of Alpine
Map of Alpine


Alpine may be one of the most expensive boroughs in the state, but it’s also home to a cluster of A-list celebrities that give the neighborhood its 5-star reputation. It is a rich and luxurious place to live for the residents, and an exciting visitor’s attraction too, with many celebrity sightings to boast, alongside potentially haunted towers and more. Alpine has seen famous faces like Chris Rock, Lil’ Kim, and Patrick Ewing from the Knicks move into one of its many luxurious mansions, so it’s no wonder why this borough is a highly-coveted getaway destination.


Chris Rock's Alpine Mansion
Chris Rock’s mansion. Photograph: Frederic Lafargue/Rapport


This Bergen County gem, with a population of roughly 1,894, is just 15 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. It remains a very private community with lots of village charm. Over 50% of Alpine is park land and gives the small borough a country feel. Residents looking for a high end hotel or a furniture store in Alpine, NJ will not find any retail stores whatsoever.

Alpine didn’t become a popular destination for summer homes until around the time of the Civil War, despite the fact that lumberjacks and other hardworking citizens had taken up residence there for some time. The first country home, Falcon Lodge, was established by Joseph Lamb. Lamb became famous for his stained glass windows that can still be purchased at J. & R. Lamb Studios. Notable names like John and Mable Ringling soon followed and helped establish “Millionaire’s Row”.

The Rio Vista Community

If you’re looking for a taste of the high life, then you shouldn’t restrict yourself to Hollywood Boulevard. It turns out that Rio Vista, an upscale community in the southern heart of the Alpine borough, is a magnet for the rich and famous.


Rio Vista in Alpine
Rio Vista. Photograph: Google Maps


Rio Vista, and various other locations within the isolated, yet upscale neighborhood, have become some of the most expensive and lavish places to live throughout the entire US. It’s no surprise when you consider the fact that Alpine has long drawn attention for its impeccable mansions lined with huge trees and stunning grounds. Today, each mansion draws an asking price in the millions, and many have been purchased by members of the famous elite.

Devil’s Tower in Rio Vista

Rio Vista doesn’t just draw attention from the rich and famous searching for a new home. This incredible local space has also become an interesting tourist attraction for people all across the US, who are interested in the history and heritage that Alpine has to offer.


Devil’s Tower in Rio Vista
Devil’s Tower. Photograph: Google Maps


Once you’ve finished browsing the local mansions, you can visit the southern section of Rio Vista to see “Devil’s Tower”, an iconic piece of architecture with a place on the gothic heart of Alpine. Devil’s Tower is a clock tower made entirely out of stone, which locals believe to be haunted. The tower was designed by a man called Charles Rollinson Lamb, and it was intended to be for the baron of sugar, Manual Rionda.

Rionda has commissioned the development of the clock tower in an attempt to give his wife the chance to gaze out over New York, from the other side of the Hudson River. However, legend says that when Rionda’s wife walked in on him with another woman, she ended her life by throwing herself from the window of her gifted tower. The tower remains in somewhat of an unfinished state, as Rionda stopped working on the architecture after becoming distraught about his wife’s death.

Fortunately for the faint at heart, it’s worth noting that the ghost stories about Devils Tower are just fiction. The truth is that Harriet Rionda actually died naturally in 1922, and since then, her coffin has been moved to the Brookside Cemetery, for those who might be interested in visiting.

A Tiny Town with A lot of Heart

Despite its rich history, beautiful mansion structures, and position as one of the richest communities in America, Alpine is a very small town that most Americans have never heard of. Most locals enjoy the fact that their incredible borough has remained quiet and relaxing over the years, despite the construction of huge homes that sport amazing amenities like swimming pools, bowling alleys, and more.

Within the heart of this tiny town, you can discover more than 35 places that are listed on the National Historic Register, and the heritage of the area dates all the way back to the 1800s. Alpine is a wonderful place, filled with mystery, culture, and a host of luxurious modern surprises.

New to Alpine and Need Furniture?

Today, residents enjoy low property taxes and sprawling country lanes, and the average price of a home in Alpine remains at a few million dollars. When you move to this town or any other one, you are in the market to furnish your home with new furniture. New residents will have a hard time finding any furniture stores in Alpine, NJ, though. New arrivals, however, will find everything they need to make Alpine their home at FOW.


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