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Just 20 miles outside the city limits of New York City lies the historic borough of Allendale, once a colonial village, now a thriving community in Bergen County with a population of around 6,789. It’s a town renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and friendly residents. Besides a host of approachable citizens, Allendale also offers an exceptional educational system, found right within the midst of a small, charismatic Bergen County town.


Map of Allendale
Map of Allendale


The artistic main streets, thriving avenues, business district, historic landmarks, and inherent sense of life within Allendale make it a unique place to call home within New Jersey. There are a range of cultural heritage sites to explore, including the incredible Celery Farm, which consists of more than 107 preserved acres, Crestwood Lake Park, and of course, the famous Fell House, a colonial home named after patriot and Revolutionary War prisoner John Fell.

The People of Allendale

As mentioned above, the community of Allendale makes it a warm place to live. Each homeowner is exceptionally involved with their community, to the extent that the number of volunteer organizations in Allendale is currently unsurpassed anywhere else in the state.

Over the years, Allendale has remained true to its sense of history, and it strives to maintain a lifestyle that remains reminiscent of times passed. Parades are still held on Memorial Day, fireworks display light up the night with patriotic colors on the fourth of July, and the whole ambiance of the town comes together to offer something that’s deeply American.

The Historical Fell House

One of the most iconic landmarks of Allendale is the famous Fell House. The home belonged to a patriot from Bergen County called John Fell, who had traded crucial items throughout the Hackensack and Passaic river routes before the revolution took place. Back when John Fell lived there, the home had been known as “Peterfield”. However, today, the mansion still stands with the name of its former owner, reminding residents of the history of Allendale.


John Fell House
Fell House
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The mansion itself required quite a great deal of skill to complete. The first portion of the stately home was built by John Fell himself during the 1760s, and later, new builders added to the construction with a brand-new wing during the 1830s. Several decades later, the town came together to ensure that the home retained its Colonial appearance with yet another addition during 1915. You can find the mansion spanning 2.8 acres today, including piles of wetland, an incredible gothic barn, and plenty of centuries-old trees.

Conveniently for sight-seers, the home is situated just across from the bird sanctuary of Celery Farm. Once, the Celery Farm was actually a part of the Fell estate, however, today, it’s a detached visitor’s attraction.

The Rich Allendale Farmlands

Before Allendale’s business community emerged, the area was known for its strawberry trade, along with its rich farmlands. It wasn’t until the railroad was built that blacksmiths’ shops and furniture stores in Allendale, NJ began to appear in the 1840′s. Allendale has also been home to a cider mill and the borough’s friendly neighborhood grocery store, Cottage Farm.

The “Celery Farm”, which we mentioned above is an incredible nature preserve that celebrates the rich agricultural history of the area with hundreds of animals, including frogs, rabbits, deer, fox, and a range of exotic birds. In fact, countless rare birds have been spotted over the years, including a pileated woodpecker and bald eagle.


Cellery Farm


The history of Allendale began with farming, primarily in the area of fruit. Orchards were built across huge stretches of land, which often involved growing peaches, and apples. Those orchards paved the way for the delivery of “Orchard Street” as it’s called today

Of course, the most famous fruit that Allendale is known for today is its delicious strawberries. These ripe berries were sold by the community to various nearby markets, all across New York, Paterson, and Newark. First, the shipping was done by horse-drawn carriage, but that all changed when the railroads arrived, and Allendale earned its name.

As the strawberry farming trade slowly died out, more and more residential buildings began to appear. 1868 marked Allendale’s official transformation into a residential neighborhood when Herman Tallman and Harvey Sherwood began developing real estate, dividing plots, and naming streets like Allendale Avenue and Mallinson Street.

Emergence of the Business District

The rails came to Allendale during the 1840s, though it took several years of planning before the first route opened in 1848. The man responsible for the first route was called “Joseph Warner Allen”, who was an engineer from Southern New Jersey. During this time, Allen stayed in the old Fell House with the Ackerman family, in Franklin Turnpike. When a title was required for the depot, Allen’s name was incorporated into “Allendale”.

With the arrival of the 20th century came the birth of the business district that Allendale has today. Despite rural development, Allendale retains much of its lush greenery and colonial charm. Its two historic churches, the Episcopal Church of Epiphany and the Arthur United Methodist Church, are still standing in exquisite condition.

Modern-day Allendale is a haven for those looking for the quiet life. Rather than being in the shadow of New York City, Allendale is its own little spot of sunshine with charming summer festivals and the beautiful Crestwood Lake.

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