Where to Find High Pressure Laminate Tables (Formica Tables) in New Jersey and New York

Laminate Tables

When you have little ones in the house, accidental spills on dining tables are an everyday occurrence. Solid wood table tops are also not scratch resistant. The culprits for scratches can be kids with toys, especially toys that have missing wheels. Cats and/or dogs, those that are declawed and those that aren’t, like to visit that table top one in a while as well. So, is there a solution for those that have kids and/or pets when it comes to dining table tops?

Solid wood is a natural material and it can scratch very easily. The hardwoods will resist a bit more than softwoods, but in the end depending how it’s used scratches will appear. Being a natural product, wood expands and contracts due to humidity changes and as a result can be prone to warping.

For families with smaller children it’s never a fun experience discovering that the solid wood table top is marred with a horrible scratch or two. Those unsightly scratches will have to be repaired from time to time or one can simply live with them. There are a few solutions though.

One solution is to coat the top with urethane but some may not be able to live with the glossy topcoat. Another solution is to order a protective table pad with the same dimensions as the table top. The mere act of covering up the table top every time the family eats can be a bit of a turnoff to some especially if the table gets frequent use. And another solution is the have a glass shop cut out a piece of glass to place on top of the table. However, with glass, the thought of breakage and chipping comes to mind. All of these are solutions to protect the top but there is an even better solution.

That solution is laminate tops. High-pressure laminate table tops are known for their easy-to-care-for characteristics according to wilsonart.com. Many families without them see it all – ketchup, orange juice, soda – as a stain that is about to happen. Not so with a laminate table top. It is waterproof. According to formica.com their laminate tops are is so easy to maintain, it just takes a quick spray to clean. They don’t scratch as easily either.

The dining table with laminate tops that we carry resist stains, scuffs, moderate heat, boiling water, cosmetics, and alcohol. To clean them a mild solution of soap and water does the trick. There is no need to use any polishes or seals as maintenance, unlike with solid wood tops. And they are not that expensive. Keep in mind to always use protective pads under hot appliances and cookware.

Laminate tops are great alternatives to solid wood tops. Click here: http://www.fowfurniture.com/diningroomsdiningtables-c-44_251.html if you’d like to see our collections of dining tables with high pressure laminate tops or better yet if you live in New Jersey or near New York City area, visit our showroom in person to see them. Many are offered with one or more leaves making them expandable for additional dinner guests. You will no longer have to worry about stains or scratches that are inherent with families that have kids or even pets.