Where to Find Modern Storage Beds in New York and New Jersey

Everyone could use extra space and every home could use a little organizing. This holds true especially for the all-too-common apartments in New York City which are on the unfathomably smaller side when it comes to space. The Big Apple isn’t the only place with small apartments though. Take any major city in New Jersey or any other state and you’ll see the same. Most rent their smaller dwellings these days as opposed to purchasing a house and there are several reasons as to why. Some want a place of their own in an urban setting which has easy access to public transportation. Others simply want a place where they are not responsible for maintenance and other responsibilities. Regardless of the reasons, most urban apartments lack space, to say the least. We have a product or two that can help, especially when it comes to extra space in bedrooms. These products prove that one room can serve quite a few purposes.


Simple Bed in Onyx

Seems like a Typical Platform Bed, No?


Simple Bed in Onyx


When it comes to bedrooms, there are a few clever solutions. Take this Simple bed, for instance, which has much more than meets the eye. What do you see? Besides its European minimalist style, there is lots of beautiful, unused space under this bed. Featuring an environmentally sensitive, water-based Onyx finish and FSC certified rift-cut Red Oak veneer, this modern platform bed is fully capable of making effective use of the unused under-bed space as you’ll see in a bit. The bed is available in full, queen, and king sizes. The overall design is all about simplification. Ornamentation is lacking and rightfully so. With this bed, it’s all about less is more.

Don’t like the Onyx Finish? How about Walnut?


Simple Bed in Walnut


Simple Bed in Walnut


Walnut can help you express Mid-Century modern appeal in a new modern style. Featuring American walnut veneer and its alluring grain pattern, the Simple bed in this wood species is versatile enough to embellish any bedroom setting with Mid-Century style. After all, walnut was one of preferred choices of wood during this magnificent era of furniture design.

Time to Fill That Wasted Under-Bed Space!


Simple Storage Bed in Onyx


Simple Storage Bed Room


Simple Storage Drawers in Onyx


With these under-bed storage drawers the bedroom can feel roomy because storage is concentrated under the bed so you can stretch out in other areas of the room. These drawers are designed to keep things such as extra pillows, blankets, and sheets where you can reach them or when the time comes, put them away easily and safely. The drawers can be ordered for only one side of the bed or for both sides. Some may only have enough space to place the bed against the wall so only one set of drawers is needed.

Do You Prefer This Storage Bed in Walnut?


Simple Storage Bed in Walnut


Simple Storage Bed Bedroom in Walnut



The same features are offered with drawers as the above bed except in walnut. We’re all about options. As you can see with the walnut finish, beds with storage drawers underneath never looked so good. Good organization can help add the function without losing any of style.

Storage Drawer Dimensions

24″W x 19″D x 6″H (each drawer)

Do You Prefer Smooth Rounded Corners Instead?


Burrows Bed in Java


Burrows Bed in Java


The Burrows bed features clean, bold, smooth lines reminiscent of furniture that was designed over half a century ago. Its solid Mindi wood construction and water-based Java finish can liven up any bedroom in search of Mid-Century modern design elements. Just like the Simple bed, the Burrows bed can make effective use of wasted space under the bed.

Wasted Under-Bed Space Utilized!


Burrows Storage Bed in Java


Burrows Storage Bed in Java


Burrows Storage Bedroom in Java


Burrows Storage Bedroom in Java


It’s time to put the space under the bed to good use once again. Three drawers on each side of the bed let you create an ideal organizing system for your needs that is not only trendy but also out of the way. They can make your bedroom space well-organized. Now you can organize your clothing or linens and you’ll spend less time searching for things. Smart, multifunctional furniture, such as these beds, can help reduce clutter and, because everything is easy and convenient to find, reduce morning chaos, as well. They are perfect for small apartments.

There Are Accompanying Case Goods Too!


Case Goods


It’s one of the busiest rooms in the home, especially in the morning. Keep your bedroom uncluttered and the traffic flowing with the right organizational furniture pieces. Chests, dressers, and nightstands that accompany these beds will help you speed up time in the morning because they provide each member of the household with personal space for clothing and other accessories.

Where Can I Buy One of These?

You can purchase any of these beds as well as the case goods directly from our website. If you’d like to try them out and check them out in person, our showroom is located in Lyndhurst, Northern New Jersey, which is about 15 minutes away from New York City via Lincoln Tunnel. Stop by today!


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