Where to Find Hydraulic Lift Beds with Storage in New York and New Jersey

Hydraulic Lift Beds

During warm spring days or hot summer days, things like comforters have got to go somewhere. What do you do if you’re tight on space or perhaps all of your closets are filled? How do you create more storage space in an already tight bedroom? How do you make the best use from the wasted under-bed space? We offer a solution and it is a multifunctional one.

Our hydraulic lift beds keep function and fashion in mind. Available in a range of sizes like full, queen, and king, these under-bed storage icons can accommodate any size room. They are designed to discretely conceal things in style. Simply looking at them you would never guess there is a storage area hidden inside. Whether you need to tuck away extra bed sheets, pillows, or comforters, each hydraulic lift bed is designed with your storage needs in mind. From wood to upholstery, our hydraulic lift bed collections create a nostalgic interplay of materials and finishes. Influenced by European designs, the appeal of these beds is multiplied when cherished accompanying contemporary pieces like dressers, chests, and nightstands are eclectically placed together.

Select Mid-Century modern designs are rooted in the past; elegant yet subtly relaxed for today’s homes. The ultimate in refinement and sophistication, our classic modern collections of these unique beds are available in choice of finishes and the upholstered ones in a choice of custom fabrics. Whether you want chenille or microfiber, our palette of custom upholstery options will give you the ability to express your personal style.

From the ground up. You’ve probably encountered this phrase, but perhaps you’ve never thought about applying it to your decorating philosophy, especially when it comes to beds like the Dune. The Dune can be ordered in quite a few custom fabrics and there is a hydraulic lift option for this bed as well. It offers exotic twists on contemporary furniture. The fusion of unexpected design elements lends a casual beauty that can be played up with accents around the room. Maybe you found one of our eye-catching fabrics you couldn’t live without, consider tailoring your bedroom to its unique coloration and pattern. Use the fabric to guide your bed covers and window treatments. Certain fabrics of a bed such as the Dune sometimes work best with classic, richly grained bedroom furniture. The sensuous proportions and rich finish on the furniture in a bedroom balance out the strong color you may choose on the bed.

So, how do you access the under-bed storage area? It’s quite simple actually. You simply lift the front of the mattress slat support system along with the mattress via a handle. The hydraulic pistons make this movement a breeze and because of the pistons there is not a lot of effort needed. Think of it as opening the hood or trunk of a car. These beds work on the same principle. When you are done taking items out of the storage area of the bed you simple close the slat support system with the mattress on top.

Where Can I Buy These Hydraulic Beds?


It’s style and functionality all rolled into one. And what better way to utilize your under-bed space! You can find some these hydraulic marvels in our showroom in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, which is minutes from New York City.

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