Space-Maximizing Hydraulic Lift Beds

Zeus Bed in Black

Seems like a Typical Button-Tufted Bed, No?


It may not look like it, but this platform bed is much more than it seems. And it is not typical as will be revealed in a bit. Available in full, queen, and king sizes, it is upholstered in durable black leatherette (vinyl), which is family-ready because stains simply wipe off. It’s inherently water resistant so any liquid can be easily wiped.

The diamond-pattern button-tufting details on the headboard provide an eye-catching counterpoint to the rest of the bed. At one point in history of furniture design and manufacture the use of button-tufting was not intended as an aesthetic design attribute but rather it was used to secure the padding to the actual frame of furniture such as a sofa.

Used today, it creates a three dimensional look by emitting striking light and shadows on the surface as is shown on the headboard of this bed. Whether a piece of furniture is upholstered in fabric or leather, the tufting details make it all the better by creating a classic, yet modern look. Mid-Century modern style furniture has been known to use quite a bit of tufting details.


Zeus Lift Bed in Black

It’s Also What’s Inside That Counts


Now, isn’t that a great way to make the best of the unused under-bed space? And is it so easy to access the storage area! You simply lift it up by pulling on the handle and the hydraulic pistons do all the work for you. When lifted, you’ll find enough space for all of your additional pillows, bedding, clothing, or anything else that you want stored out of sight. The storage space is 9 inches in height and the rest of the dimensions will vary depending on the bed size you choose.

Just in case you were wondering how much storage space is offered with this bed, here is the breakdown according to the bed size.

Under-Bed Storage Space Dimensions:

Full Size Bed – 54″ x 75″ x 9″H

Queen Size Bed – 60″ x 80″ x 9″H

King Size Bed – 76″ x 80″ x 9″H

A typical apartment in New York City, for example, is pretty small. The same can be said for certain cities in New Jersey or any other state. Perhaps your bedroom doesn’t even have enough space for an armoire or a wardrobe. Multifunctional furniture, such as these hydraulic lift beds, helps you to make the most of your ‘real estate’, particularly in your bedroom. With the help of one of these storage beds, you’ll be surprised how spacious your bedroom can look when you can effectively reduce and store away all the clutter. With this bed you can put away many of your things and yet stay stylish at the same time.

The bottom of the storage space is supported by a board that is upholstered in fabric so none of your stored items will be resting on your bare floor. The bed is about 2 inches from the ground and it rests on dark finished solid wood legs.

No box spring is needed with this bed. Consider it a money-saver, which we can all use during these economic times. As you can see from the above image, it features a slat-roll system that acts as a box spring. Those slats support the mattress. If however, you have a memory foam mattress or you plan on purchasing one, perhaps purchasing a bunkie board to be placed on top of the slat roll would be a good idea since memory foam mattresses require a flat support surface. And bunkie boards are about 2 inches in height so you won’t really loose that low-profile look which this bed provides.


Zeus Lift Bed in Whtite

Would You Prefer the Bed in White?


That’s right. It’s available in white as well. Some say white is boring? Does this white bed look boring to you? Imagine it surrounded with other colors in a bedroom. Today, when it comes to modern/contemporary furniture, white is in and for perfectly good reasons. There is just something clean and crisp about white. A white bed never fails to brighten up a bedroom highlighting all the other furnishings surrounding it and creates the much wanted illusion of a larger bedroom. White also ads a sense of comfort.


Zeus Lift Bed in Chocolate

How about Chocolate?


If white and black are not your preferences there is the chocolate finish which is in between the two. It’s an earth tone that can add stability and warmth to a bedroom. You can embark on your own color adventure with the 3 finish options shown above.


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