A Perfect Example of Contemporary Italian Bedrooms

Paris Bedroom Set

Creative destruction is a term used in economics to explain the economy’s constant state of change, in which reputable, successful furniture designs, for example, can fall into irrelevance and innovative ones can seemingly spring up to take the field. And while the current challenging economic climate can seem like an unsustainable state than a creative one, there are a number of furniture designs that are taking advantage of new market realities. They are the ones that make daring moves when it comes to design when others are pulling the plug. They can see worthwhile consumer niches where others simply see the mass market. It is a well known fact that Italians have become worldwide trendsetters and have always played a pivotal role in contemporary home furnishings.

The Paris bedroom is designed and manufactured in Italy and is a perfect example of dramatic rejuvenation to reflect the new, contemporary style and attitude. The overwhelming sameness of furniture design format provides an opportunity for bedrooms like Paris that wish to be distinguished. Good design is like the proverbial little black dress. It may indeed be perfect, but it doesn’t captivate until it’s adorned with inventive features. The uniquely designed angled headboard and the sleek lines of contemporary beds like this one enhance any sleeping area and spark the imagination. The angled headboard of this platform bed with its unique geometric design manipulates volume and materials until all that remains is pure, exquisitely illuminated sleeping space that unfolds around parallel and intersecting planes and creates a false sense of perspective. The angles seem to go on and on. The rich, wenge palette of this Italian bedroom set gives way to unexpected depths.

Bedrooms like this that looked futuristic during the Mid-Century modern period are very much a part of everyday life in the here and now. It’s generously proportioned, but easy to live in. The dark finish achieves a kind of warmth that large contemporary bedrooms need. Watch your bedroom take on a whole new look with this collection. The emphasis on shapely edges and carefully planned angles is the product of years of Italian design experience.